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good morning. scare tactic? president obama warns millions of americans social security checks may not go out next month if lawmakers fail to reach a deficit deal. as the top republican offers up a controversial last choice option to end the stalemate. how big was it? word this morning the number of possible victims involved in that hacking scandal in britain could be in the thousands. this morning one celebrity who says he was a target, hugh grant, speaks out in a live interview. and we need aboat. a huge 18-foot-long saltwater crocodile leaps out of the river to the delight and terror of tourists. and the photographer who took
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the picture says it's no croc d the picture says it's no croc d day. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. boy, the gloves are off in washington. the move could be more today because the president and top congressional leaders are going to go back to the negotiating table yet again. >> that's right. the republicans were not at all happy with the president's comment on tuesday. now senator mitch mcconnell has offered that last chance option. we're going to tell you what he is offering straight ahead. also this morning matt, it was a deadly crash that made national headlines. a woman who police say was drunk and high killed herself, her daughter, three nieces and three strangers when she drove the wrong way down a new york highway. now her sister-in-law whose
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three daughters died in that crash is speaking out for the first time. and her story is very emotional. where she goes from here, in her own words, will be part of what we're telling you. on another note, you may not recognize his name but you probably know his word. sherwood schwartz died on tuesday. coming up, we'll take a look back at what made his shows some of the most popular of all time, although they were not on the air all that long. >> no, but memorable. let's begin with the clock ticking down on lawmakers with the debt dealing. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. sources close to the talks tell me tuesday's meeting was the most productive yet. but with no deal in sight, the political gloves are starting to come off. after days and days of talks on the debt ceiling deal, president obama warned what would happen if america defaults on its loans on august 2nd.
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some 70 million americans who rely on disability, veterans and social security payments, may not get their checks. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner disagreed. >> there's going to be money available on august the 3rd. and i think it's way too early to be making some types of veil threats like that. >> reporter: this as republicans were heating up their own rhetoric and getting personal. >> this is the president's plan. this debt limit increase is his problem -- >> as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unattainable. >> reporter: in a new twist, senator mitch mcconnell proposed a last choice option, which would allow the president to increase the federal debt limit in increments through 2012, and essentially place the responsibility of raising the debt limit squarely on the president's shoulders.
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the plan does not guarantee the spending cuts which republicans have been insisting on. >> this is not my first choice. >> reporter: causing one conservative blogger to call mcconnell upon shus pile late and another tweeting, mcconnell needs to find his spine. but lawmakers on both sides say they are considering the plan. now, president obama is still trying to push for the largest deal possible somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade. a lot of lawmakers here just say a deal of that size isn't going to be possible. ann? >> kristen welker, thank you. chris matthews is the host of msnbc's "hard ball." this is a little bit like watching your divorcing parents squabble over who is paying the bills. is it possible for these sides to put politics aside? >> no, i don't think they're going to get a deal by next week and i think that's what mcconnell's plan is all about and the white house seems to be happy that somebody on the other side realizes how dangerous this
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is going to be next week. >> meantime the president made a lot of americans nervous, chris, when he talked about social security checks may not go out. did he go too far? >> i think it's taking it from cable news debate to the prime tape area most americans. a good number of retire es, especially the very elderly people, 70s and 80s, all of their income comes from social security. so this is serious business. it's going to be a national issue, not just a political issue. i think what the white house is happy about is that finally mitch mcconnell who is a leader, like the president is a leader, is separating himself from the protesters there on the right. i think there's a real difference now and you're going to see it, not between left and right, democrat and republican, but in the next couple of days you're going to see a real separation between the leaders who are worried about the protesters who can enjoy the fight. >> it does look like everybody is scrambling for political cover. what would you make of this mcconnell plan that would give the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own?
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>> politicians and journalists are different. politicians look ahead to the next election and the next week. there's a big difference here now. the election, according to mcconnell, is going to decide who wins next year. he thinks the president is going to get beat next year. he wants to beat him. but he wants this decision over the debt to be made next week. he wants to separate the debt fight whether we continue to pay our bills or not with the fight over we spend too much money or not. the white house is happy. both sides at the top now realize they have to avoid default next week. >> they had to avoid default. but which side gets most of the blame, in your view, if a deal is not reached, chris? >> i think they're afraid that both sides are going to be blamed. obviously the president of the united states is the one where the buck stops on his desk. as harry truman once said, ultimately he's the person in charge. but the republicans are also afraid that if they hold up this deal over taxes for the rich, they're going to get a big measure of blame and they're
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going to look like they're not responsibility. i think it's come down now to both leaders, mcconnell and probably boehner and the president are going to agree to separate the fight over long-term spending and deficit reduction from the fight over debt next week. they have to. they can't afford that security check -- social security checks not go out and face default on the international market. they all agree on that, i think. that's the good news. >> it sounds like, in your view, a big deal that encompasses all the issues they're trying to squeeze in here is dead. you're thinking they're going to simply tackle the problem at hand, that's the best we can hope for? >> yes, that's what i think. >> chris matthews. >> we're going to do what we can to get through the night. >> don't we all. thank you so much. you can catch "hard ball" week nights at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. here's matt. >> thank you. we're learning more this morning about just how far reach that hacking scandal in britain has become. in a moment we'll talk to one of the victims, actor hugh grant,
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but first, stephanie goss is in london with the latest fallout. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the lead investigator for scotland yard gave testimony that shows how big this scandal has become. they say they have a list of 4,000 potential victims and additional 5,000 phone numbers that need to be analyzed and so far they've only notified 170 people. with daily accusations piling up and the list of high-profile targets including a former prime minister and the royal family, growing longer and longer, british parliament has decided it wants to hear directly from those in charge. rupert murdock, his son james, chief execive, and executive prebekaa brooks, has been asked to testify next week in front of parliament. >> what's really interesting is that until now, rupe rupert mur was confident that all parties are going to support him.
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now they're all turning against him. >> reporter: murdoch shut down the "news of the world" because of what was described as toxic culture. but the company is fighting back against allegations involving two of the other papers, "the sun" and "the sunday times." they wanted to get a 2006 article about his child's cystic fi breaux says, suggesting their methods may have been illegal. a new statement from new international denies any wrong doing and said the story "the sun" ran about their son originated from a member of public whose family has also experienced cystic fibrosis. but damage to the company may have already been done. some say it is about time. including actor hugh grant who in recent months has led his own campaign against the tabloid. even recording this conversation with the deputy editor of "news of the world" last april. mcmullen did not know he was being recorded acknowledged hacking was wide spread.
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>> but celebrities themselves, you would justify because they're rich? >> yeah, mean, if you don't like it you've just got get off the stage. >> reporter: they call it a publicity stunt. not so says grant, who claims to be a victim himself. >> the other day it happened to me. my medical details were published in "the sun." talking about pretty nasty people. >> reporter: so far, eight people have been arrested but it may not end there. scotland yard believes the investigation will continue to grow, and along with it the pressure on rupert murdoch's worldwide media empire. later on today, particlenliamen set to pass a motion with the british tv network. it is going to send a strong message to murdoch that his political support in this country has all but disappeared. matt? >> thank you very much. hugh, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> the atlantic ocean can
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sometimes create a time warp here. the story is on the front pages of the paper here in the united states but it was slow in growing. it's been brewing there for a long time. how would you describe the public reaction to the daily revelations you're seeing there? >> well, the big moment came last monday when people had known for some time that actors, musicians, politicians, were being hacked and everyone thought that was wrong. but it didn't really get people emotionally involved until last monday one of the national papers revealed that this young girl who had been abducted and murdered, that they had been hacking her phone, listening to her messages. and shockingly, deleting some of her messages when her voice mailbox filled up. they wanted more messages to come in which, of course, gave her parents hope that she might still be ahive. she had been miss for six months. that's when the country really rose up in revulsion. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. >> yeah.
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>> do you think people there have the feeling that this was simply business as usual and, by the way, this appears to be prevalent not just at one newspaper, even two, it could be wider than that, that the feeling among these tabloid reporters and executives was, as long as the story sells, there was an entitlement to get that story using any means possible? >> yeah. that was the culture. and still is. i mean, to a certain extent, within the tabloid press in this country. it's terrifying. and, you know, if you ask the question why didn't we do anything about it before, the answer is now emerging. the police unfortunately deliberately dragged their feet because they've been lent on by the power of, in particular, "news international," murdoch's organization, and the government was terrified of him. his paper knew, you know, dirty details about individual mps so they were unwilling ever to take him on. only three weeks ago all our
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major politicians in this country were sucking up to rupert murdoch and drinking champagne on his lawn at his summer party. so it is sort of almost comic that today in parliament they're all competing to say that he's a terrible person. >> you said this recently, quote, this is a watershed moment for david cameron and his government. he can either continue to be murdoch's little helper or his states man. his son and top executives, is this, in your opinion, something real or is this still public relations to try to present a face to the public that they're actually doing something? >> well, we don't really know yet where they will accept that invitation or not. i mean, i have to say i think it's unlikely. if they do, it will be the greatest piece of parliamentary theater we've ever had in this country. >> two quick things, hugh. first of all, why should people in the united states care about this? you spend a lot of time here as well. you've had your encounters with
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the tabloid press in the u.s. do you think this is prevalent here as well? >> i don't know the answer to that. but i would have thought it was of interest to americans simply because rupert murdock does own an enormous amount of your media where fox news and fox station and 21st century and some of your newspapers. and i think people need to ask themselves, you know, who is this man who owns such a large part of our media. i think when you hear some of the new allegations about who "the news of the world" phone hacking may include, i stress allegations at this stage, some of the 9/11 victims, well, i don't know. that may strike a chord with americans. >> finally, responsibility. the fact of the matter is many people buy these newspapers and logon to these types of websites. do the consumers should ter blame as well? >> i think we have to, yeah. it's a strange business, isn't
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it? specialty of tabloids like that is to find the lowest common denominator and work out some of our worst instincts and then provay for them and we're all guilty of falling for that. >> hugh, it's nice to see you. thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> you, too. >> he put that pretty well. let's get a check of the other top stories for the morning. for that, natalie morales. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a tragic story here in the new york area. an 8-year-old brooklyn boy missing since monday was found dead this morning. he disappeared while walking home alone from his day camp for the first time. his body was found in two separate locations this morning. police have taken a suspect into custody based on surveillance video showing him with the boy around the time of his disappearance. the suspect reportedly led police to the boy's remains today. nearly a decade after the 9/11 attacks a republican
7:16 am
congressman is questioning our nation's air security today on capitol hill. top representative said there had been more than 25,000 airport security breaches in this country since november of 2001 but with the billions of people screened since 9/11 tsa says the breaches represent only a small fraction. rebels in libya may be making progress in their fight against embattled leader moammar gadhafi. u.s. intelligence reports says he's floundering amid shortages of fuel and cash, according to the associated press. the battle against childhood obesity gets an uni believe ally today as 19 major restaurant chains plan to announce healthier items on their children's menus. featuring veggies and whole grains will now be available. milwaukee's prince fielder smacked a three-run homer helping the national league take a 5-1 win over the american league, all-star game. the win gives the national
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league home field advantage in the world series. and better hope that this guy isn't hungry. take a look. tourists on the jumping crocodile cruise are getting more than their money's worth in australia when they meet that 17-footer there and he likes apparently buffalo meat and long swims in the river. he isn't the toughest beast around. a shark apparently nabbed his front right leg. and if i were that guy standing right there take that photo putting my hand in his mouth, i wouldn't get that close, ann and matt, because apparently if they do, if they go for anything, they would eat humans, too. >> if i were that guy, i would never wear that outfit again, i can tell you that. that is not what you want to have happen. >> unbelievable, this image. at first when i saw it i didn't believe it was true, that there could be a beast that large. >> we're working on it. >> natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker dress for summer
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because it's dressed for summer because it's hot here. >> friends in the midwest are getting pounded. 24 states under heat advisories, it's only 12, especially down south. la ra laredo, 102, tallahassee, 96. minneapolis, 76 and sunny today. perfect in buffalo, 77. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> some of that cooler air coming our way. right now, a bit muggy. we have temperatures in washington and by the way we're generally in the 70s. later today, we'll climb into the low and mid 90s by late afternoon. there's a few chance of a few scattered isolated storms to be followed by some of that dryer, cooler weather that will be in place thursday, friday and saturday with highs in the 80s. morning low 60s. small chance of a storm saturday
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the body of former first lady betty ford will be flown to michigan later this morning for the second of two funerals. this after a moving memorial service in california yesterday. lee cowen is in palm desert with details. lee, good morning. >> good morning, ann. members of the public have been filing past the casket late into the evening on tuesday. it was the only chance for the public to pay their respects after, as you say that invitation only memorial with family, friends, and dignitaries that included four first ladies. as the desert sun rose over the worshipped in for more than 30 years, inside the body of bettyford lay in quiet repose. tuesday night they file past the casket with many expressing a need to get close. including carolyn. >> i've had breast cancer four times. and the first time i was going through it i would keep the
7:20 am
"people" magazine with bettyford on the cover as inspiration. >> she and her husband drove all of the way from salt lake city to pay their respects. the formal tribute to the former first lady is larger private affair. the last time there were this many first ladies together was the day betty ford laid her husband to rest in 2006. but it was rose lynn carter, once a political rival, then long-time family friend, who summed up the first lady who was different from so many. >> someone who was willing to do things a bit differently than they had been done before, someone who had the courage and grace to fight fear, stigma, and prejudice, wherever she encountered it. >> cookie roberts said she expressed not only her life but politics as it used to be. but there was more. >> mrs. ford knew who she was. before her sudden entrance to first lady she said, i'll move
7:21 am
to the white house, do the best i can, and if they don't like it, they can kick me out, but they can't make me be somebody i'm not. >> reporter: who she was was someone who publicly battled cancer and addiction and her very honest disclosure ended in perhaps what is her greatest legacy, the betty ford center who helped untold numbers. >> what a gift to us, to several generations of those like us, who need help and who just need to learn how to generate a little pride and self respect. what a gift. >> reporter: a gift that inspired millions that she leaves behind. ann, as you said, betty ford's body will be flown to grand rapids, michigan, this morning. that will take place on what would have been the former president's 98th birthday. ann? >> poignant. thank you for that detail. thank you. and still ahead, we're going
7:22 am
to make a turn and ask the question, should cindy anthony face perjury charges for her controversial testimony in her daughter's trial? we'll get the latest and hear from the detective who built a murder case against casey anthony. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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that's amazing. you know what else is amazing? how easy it is to save money on motorcycle, boate with geico. geico, saving people money, on more than just car insurance. good morning. sunny now. low to mid 90s late afternoon into the evening. might get an isolated thunder shower. tomorrow, lower humidity moves in. highs in the 80s, morning lows 60s. heat comes back along with humidity. danella, how is traffic? bumper to bumper starting out in maryland as you make your way from college park and head towards connecticut avenue.
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this is a live look right now at new hampshire-shooting down to virginia. 95 at pohick road. you are jammed from dell hill city. >> thanks ver
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 13th, 2011. it's going to be hot today, but not nearly as hot as the excessive heat we've had to deal with here in manhattan. that has the crowd breathing a sigh of relief. we're glad or that. inside studio 1a i'm alongside matt lauer. will cindy anthony face perjury charges for lying on the stand at her daughter's murder trial? we'll have a live report. also ahead, a mother's pain after two years of the wrong-way crash that killed her three young daughters and five other people. that woman is opening up for the first time about the accident
7:31 am
and how she feels about there sister-in-law who you will remember was behind the wheel of the car drunk and hyatt the time. her emotional story and where she goes from here coming up. >> that's a good question. and also, have you ever heard of this thing called phone bill cramming? >> not until this morning. >> "today" investigates a costly scheme that could be adding extra fee to your bill whether you like it or not. we're going the ell you what yo can do, all coming up. but first, let's begin with the new developments in the casey anthony case. we are outside the orange county jail with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. and casey anthony is scheduled to walk out of here in just five days. her mother, cindy, who legal experts have said, might face perjury charges for her testimony, has just received word from prosecutors. and, ann, she will not be tried for perjury. >> i started looking up chloroform -- >> reporter: cindy anthony
7:32 am
stunned prosecutors when she testified that she was the one who searched for chloroform on the testimonily's computer. >> if the computer entries were made, then i made them. >> reporter: forensic experts later countered her testimony in an apparent attempt to save her daughter from the death penalty. now the district attorney decided casey's mother will not face perjury charges. on tuesday investigators spoke out for first time. >> i certainly don't have any doubt. we worked very hard on this case. we respect the jury's verdict. >> reporter: more than 140 law enforcement officers followed over 6,000 leads. they interviewed casey and she never told them the truth about what happened to caylee. >> she never said it was an accident. that would have been her opportunity to say so had it been. that day this whole thing could have ended. >> reporter: the state of florida is trying to force casey anthony to pay for the eight-month search, a bill that may add up to hundreds of
7:33 am
thousand of dollars. >> there were resources that could have been used to find other missing children. >> reporter: meanwhile, the orange county sheriff is mindful of taxpayer dollars being spent in trying to keep her safe as she walks out of jail. >> we're not going to be her personal security, her attorneys will make appropriate decisions and prepare for her own security after that. >> reporter: now, once casey anthony reaches a secret location she'll call home, reports say she will live in disguise under a witness protection program. sources close to her say she's not planning to alter her looks with plastic surgery. ann? >> all right. thank you so much. it is now 7:33. here's matt. >> for the first time since casey anthony was found not guilty we're hearing more from the team of investigators who searched for her daughter. and this new development in the case, it's a story we just did.
7:34 am
we also want to talk about new developments this morning in a case against reality television producer bruce beresford-redman. nbc's miguel is in los angeles with detail on this story. miguel, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. the judge may made her decision quickly. the ruling to extradite is a major victory for mexican prosecutors as well as for the victim's family. it comes 15 months after the high-f high-profile murder. shackled, noticeably thinner and wearing a jail jump suit, bruce beresford-redman showed no emotion when ordered to return to mexico. the federal judge says there is probable cause the hollywood producer murdered his wife in april of 2010. monica's nude body was discovered dumped in a hotel sewer, strangled to death, say investigators, by her husband while the couple vacationed with their two children in cancun.
7:35 am
beresford-redman was questioned by police in mexico but investigators say he fled to california before he could be arrested. >> what was your reaction hearing the judge say the extradition should move forward? >> i was happy with the big step of this for my sister. >> reporter: the victim's sisters say they've waited 15 months for this decision. >> it was crazy, nightmare. >> reporter: facing a trial in mexico, prosecutors there say a cheating husband murdered his wife in their hotel room after she threatened to leave him. in court tuesday beresford-redman's defense team calls the case against the former "survivor" producer circumstantial and weak. >> clearly, there's insufficient evidence to convict our client of this crime. >> reporter: although the couple's 6-year-old daughter was never called to testify in court the defense says she can refute the evidence. dreams from their hotel room the night of the murder was from a family game. cuts and scratches on her
7:36 am
father's face and body was from a family excursion, not a life and death struggle. and defense attorneys say the small amount of blood collected in the hotel room have never been directly linked to bruce beresford-redman. >> based upon the evidence that was presented in court today, if that's the best the mexican government can do, he will clearly be acquitted down the line. >> reporter: a case of murder for now set to be heard in a mexican courtroom. but before this case heads to mexico the defense team says they'll appeal the decision to extradite. that could take anywhere from a month to a year. legal experts saying the chance of that appeal being granted is extremely thin. matt? >> miguel, thank you very much. let us get a check of the weather now from al. >> all right. thanks so much, matt. got some georgia teachers here. anybody you want to say hi to? >> hey. >> hey! >> there you go. generic hey, hey. jackie cooper down there.
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all right. now they're getting more specific. but we've run out of time, unfortunately. let's check your weather see what's happening. we've got a risk of strong storms out back of central and western montana. gusty hail and winds. firing thunderstorms nfiring up in missouri and illinois. and no showers and thunderstorms may drop anywhere from three to five i imagines of rain, especially as you get on down the south and the gulf coast. he gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. sheer what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning on this wednesday morning. it's still rather humid. temperatures in the 70s now to near 80 degrees. later today, into the lower to mid 90s. late afternoon into the early evening, might have an isolated thunder shower coming through. after that, lower humidity and cereal weather coming through for thursday, friday and saturday. saturday afternoon and evening, there's a small chance for a storm west of washington. sunday, monday and tuesday, the humidity gradually returns and
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we heat up, as well. might get some storms on tuesday. where are you guying from? >> providence, rhode island. >> do you know you question k. check your weather any time or night going on cable or matt. >> al. thank you very much. up next, are you being charged every month for services you never asked for? "today" investigates the $2 billion a year scheme known as bone fill cramming. we'll tell you more about that right after this. [ female announcer ] you do so much... to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice. an easy way to defend your health everyday. learn more about prebiotics and get a free sample at not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us.
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back now at 7:41. this morning on "today" investigates confusing and unwanted charge on your phone bill. the federal government says it's a $2 billion a year scheme affecting millions of americans, and you might be surprised just who is profiting from it. nbc senior investigative correspondent lisa myers joins us now with details. lisa, good morning. >> good morning to you, ann. the practice is known as cramming. they bury charges on your home phone bills for services you didn't even know about. it's been a national epidemic for more than a decade. so why do the phone companies still allow it to happen? a new report sends investigators say it comes down to money. lots and lots of money.
7:42 am
for millions of consumers the charges are a mystery. she discovered she was being billed $14.95 a month for something called voice mail id theft. >> i don't know what that is. i never asked for it. i never received it. >> reporter: his phone bill, over $16 a month for ycp network fax service. >> to me it's just flat out fraud. >> reporter: she was shocked to find almost $40 in extra charges for vase moil and her very own 800 number. >> first i laughed because i thought, you know, 800 number, but then i was furious. >> reporter: furious because in every case the charges came from third-party companies they had never heard of. it's called cramming. a billion dollar scheme targeting everyone from families to professionals to seniors. where outside companies charge your phone bill for services without you even knowing it. and government investigators say
7:43 am
many phone companies, not only allow it, they profit from it. >> i'm shocked. i'm angry. >> reporter: now in a new investigative report, senate congress committee chair rockefeller exposes the confidential deal between the crammers and major phone carriers, like verizon, at&t, and centurylink qwest. >> do the phone companies have an incentive to allow these unauthorized charges? >> the phone companies have the incentive because they're making a boatload of money off of it. >> the mysterious charges are often hard to catch. hers was buried on page 6. barb's, way back on page 12. she had been charged every month for almost a year. >> the charges were small. that's why i missed them? >> in total? >> when it was all said and done, almost $300. >> reporter: when these consumers called their phone carriers to complain, they all got the brush off.
7:44 am
>> they couldn't help me out. they weren't the ones that did it. it was a third party company and i needed to call them and deal with them directly. >> i was arguing with them. i said, how could you let this happen? it was rong. >> reporter: rockefeller says the phone companies know it. the documents show they received hundreds of thousands of complaints about cramming companies. >> we wanted to crack down some of these companies, so we came to palm harbor, florida, where many list their corporate address. but instead of office buildings with found them here, the company headquarters, only a p.o. box at the local post office. what does it tell you if all there is is a post office box? >> it tells me it's a scam. >> reporter: yet the phone carriers allow these companies to charge your bill without demanding proof you authorized it. >> they basically said i signed up for a service on the internet, which i did not. and, you know, i was fighting to get my money back. >> reporter: the firm which represents many of these companies names dadata told us
7:45 am
they require multiple authorizes from consumers. but victims say that's a lie so we decided to pay dadata a visit. once again we found the company in palm harbor, just down the street from the post office in this unmarked building. a companyep didn't have much to say. your lawyer has declined an on-camera interview but we were in the neighborhood and wanted to give you another chance to talk to us. rockefeller says it's the phone carriers who have the most to hide in all of this. >> phone companies make money off of this practice because every time something shows up which is of a cramming nature on one of their bills they will make $1 or $2. >> reporter: fees that add up to big money. investigators say since 2006, these carriers have raked in more than $650 million from them. >> so if they're making that kind of money, why wouldn't they want to stop the m kcramming at
7:46 am
all? >> reporter: all the phone companies declined to go on camera. while at&t had no comment, in statements verizon and centurylink said they do not tolerate cramming. they verify authorization, and don't do business with problem companies. they say customers are offered refunds if they complain. but these victims say it took many threatening calls to get their money back. >> it makes me mad. it makes me want to not sign up with centurylink. it makes me want to call them and say i'm done. >> if the ceo of verizon were sitting here, what would you say to him? >> stop it. stop it now. if they are the up standing company that they say they are, then they need to not allow this to happen. >> the lesson here, check your phone bills very carefully every month. these cramming charges are often buried in the back and can be hard to spot. now, to avoid cramming charges all together, you can call your phone carrier right now and opt out of all third-party services.
7:47 am
it costs you nothing to opt out. and it can save you money and headaches. ann? >> sounds like a phone call to make. lisa myers, thanks so much this morning for your reporting. coming up next, remembering the man behind the beloved television show "the brady bunch" and "gilligan's island" right after this. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
7:48 am
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7:50 am
sherwood schwartz, creator of two of the most loved television shows of all time "gilligan island" and "the brady bunch" died. we grew up with his characters and never grew out of them. ♪ just sit right back >> we were very happy to invite him into our homes. we felt comfortable with he's shows. >> the most beloved shows were panned by critics but the public embraced the show's campy humor. the programs were great escape during the '60s social revolution, comfort food for baby boomers. >> the theme song we come to hum every week, and also that three-hour tour. ♪ >> most people don't realize that sherwood schwartz not only created the shows, he wrote the theme songs. and we sang along with him.
7:51 am
♪ the minnow would be lost ♪ the minnow would be lost >> "gilligan's island" is about seven castaways that landed on gilligan's island. >> mary ann and the professor, "gilligan's island" is probably the silliest show he ever produced. great fun. >> reporter: "gilligan's island" was on only for three years and "brady bunch" only lasted five but who can forget jan's jealousy of ". >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> and marcia getting hit in the face with the football. >> oh, my nose! >> we watched them become a singing group. ♪ and on vacation in hawaii for the season ender. >> generations grew up watching these shows in first run and then years and years of se syndicated ree pete. they're just huge popeye cons.
7:52 am
sherwood schwartz thought he was making silly escapism but it lived on through pop culture. ♪ >> it's impossible not to hum along with the theme songs. >> exactly. you're particularly good at singing them. >> why loved about "gilligan's island," all those people came on and off the island but they never got off. >> you're right. >> i know. i know. >> and, of course, when it came to "gilligan's island" we paid the ultimate tribute during halloween. >> we were the skipper and gilligan. >> pretty much. >> oh! >> that was worth it. >> that's not one of his shows. but don't you just love "brady bunch." i was one of three sisters. >> i was the middle child. it was patricia, patricia, patricia in my house. >> that's for the 8:00 segment. >> patricia, are you listening in? >> back of your local news.
7:53 am
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good movrng morning. i'm joe krebs. one of the men arrested during a protest calling for d.c. statehood will have his day in court today. keith silver is accused of disorderly conduct and blocking passage during an april demonstration. mayor gray and other district leaders were also arrested during that protest. the washington redskins will soon count on solar energy for some of the power out at fedex field. the team will announce today it was installing thousands of solar panels in the parking lots out in
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. right now, we're climbing into the low 80s. later afternoon, could get an isolated storm. lower humid, cooler weather friday and saturday. you're seeing red in virginia traveling 95 north as you make your way towards the beltway. a live look right now as you continue on to 395. the drama continues at the 14th street bridge. back to you, joe. >> now back to the "today" show after this
8:00 am
we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is the 13th day of july, 2011. kind of a beautiful day here in the new york area. a lot cooler. actually the temperatures are going to be fairly high today. not that nasty humidity that we had here over the last 24 hours. that is great news for this wonderful looking group of people who are gathered out on our plaza. we thank them for stopping by. i'm matt lauer along with al roker and ann curry. that kid just had that hat on we were wearing in rome. cool white fedora. anyway -- >> aset a trend. >> if these people stick around until friday --
8:01 am
>> they're going to be awfully grim. >> and great music. friday morning, chris brown out on the plaza. that's going to be a very popular show. come on down. just some advice, get here a little bit early. meanwhile, coming up on a serious note, the latest on a tragic story we covered here in new york it. >> happened two years ago, a woman that investigators said was both drunk and high, drove the wrong way on a new york highway and crashed the car. she died along with her daughter, her three nieces, and also three other men who were in another car. now the mother who lost her three daughters is speaking out about this tragedy for the first time. hard to even imagine how she endured this tragedy. on a much different note, a little bit later on we're going to get some high-tech gadgets that will help you once and for all erase the germs and bacteria in your home. matt and i can't wait for this. >> we should do this segment together. i was watching this, looking at this information last night saying, this is good stuff.
8:02 am
also ahead, if you want to live to 100 we're going to continue our series how to live to 100. yesterday we looked at the psychological elements of this. this morning it's the physical side, including a test that can actually help determine how long you might live. >> very interesting test. in fact, dr. nancy took that test. we'll find out her results coming up. but first, let's get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the news desk for us. >> good morning, everyone. the senate republican leader is offering president obama a last chance option to keep the u.s. government from an unprecedented default on its desk next month. mcconnell said the president could request increases in the nation's borrowing power in three stages if they are offset by spending cuts. meantime, president obama warns tuesday that next month's social security checks could be in danger unless there's a budget deal by then. british prime minister david cameron said today he will investigate whether 9/11 victims were targeted by phone hackers.
8:03 am
rupert murdoch's "news of the world tabloid." britain's major political parties are all backing a measure demanding that murdoch abandon his bid to buy control of the country's largest paid television broadcaster. the coast guard said it ended the aerial search for seven americans still missing from a charter fishing boat that sank off mexico ten days ago. 35 passengers and crew members survived. the mexican navy said it will continue a smaller scale search for the men. some house republicans say they will trygain to repeal a federal law that requires the use of energy-saving light bulbs starting in january. their first attempt was defeated last night. 07 po and now let's go to wall street and cnbc's carl quintanilla is here. >> good news at 10:00 a.m. eastern time when the federal
8:04 am
reserve chairman ben bernanke testifies before the house, likely to be ask eed today abou that miserable jobs number last week, the debt ceiling, and whether or not the fed will reach back in its bag of tricks and help the economy later on this year. we will be watching that. also, tonight, watching and hope you will be, too, hour docume documentary on bmw, 9:00 p.m. eastern time on cnbc in which i go behind the scenes of the carmaker and drive on the german autobahn really, really fast. >> it is an obsession. cha carl quintanilla, thanks so much. and now what has you talking on line. facebook is lighting up with a fierce backlash on netflix. it's raising prices by as much as 60% for customers who want to rent dvds by mail and watch video on the internet. major league baseball's all-star game is a a top google search. the national league won last night's game in phoenix 5-1,
8:05 am
giving them the home field advantage in this world series. and "gilligan's island" is a popular search on yahoo! as generations of fans are remembering the show's creator sherwood schwartz. he died tuesday at the age of 94. he also created "the brady bunch", the sitcom that found new life on the big screen. let's go back outside life . now back outside to ann and matt. >> did he also create the flint stones? no? i was wondering why natalie was wearing that dress. >> wilma flintstone. >> so funny, bam-bam. >> wow. >> hey, barney. hey, fritz, we did that, too. >> i knew it was coming. >> we did for halloween. hey, our good friends from joplin, missouri, how are we doing in joplin? >> we're doing pretty good, getting the town and city cleaned up.
8:06 am
>> best of luck. for today, our pick for the day, norfolk, virginia, hot and humid. temperatures near 100 degrees today. as you look, you can see we've got strong storms firing up in the mid section of the country. also some rain around parts of montana. the gulf coast looking hot and steamy, but beautiful around the great lakes. minnesota looking good. minneapolis. 76, just playing to the crowd here. where in minnesota are you guys from? >> st. cloud. >> lovely town. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. 85 now at reagan national. generally into the 70s later on today. from early to midafternoon into the early evening hours, might get a pags thunder shower throughout the evening. lower humidity and cooler weather after that. tomorrow, friday and saturday, morning lows in the 60s. they we start gradually getting
8:07 am
more humidity on monday, tuesday and wednesday. could get storms around on tuesday. and that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, a serious story about a woman who has lost her three daughters when her sister-in-law drove the wrong way on a new york highway. she will be talking about it. dududucts from body and bath shops? with olay get what you love at half the price with new olay body collections, tantalizing fragrances and olay moisturizing ingredients
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♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪ we are back at 8:10. the horrific wrong way drunk driving cash that killed eight people, including three young sisters. the mother of those girls are have made their first public xlent since the tragedy in 2009. anne thompson is in briarcliff manor with details on this. ann, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. jackie's story begins at this exit ramp where her sister-in-law made that rong turn, leading to the collision that killed her three daughters. for the first time jackie is writing about this accident.
8:11 am
her paralyzing loss and the hope she now carries. jackie hance asks, how does a person go from being like a sister to me, adored by my girls and cherished by my husband, to being the one who ruined our lives? in a raw unflinching account in "ladies' home journal" jackie described how her life began to unravel from her phone call from her 8-year-old daughter emma, who said something's wrong with aunt diane. jackie said she was later state your named to learn the most responsible person i knew, her sister-in-law, was driving high and drunk. >> diane schuller had a blood alcohol content of .19%. the legal limit for intoxication in new york state is 0.8%. >> reporter: schuller drove the red minivan the wrong way for almost two miles until she hit an suv, killing three people in that vehicle and five in her van, herself, her daughter, and jackie's three girls. emma, the big sister, 7-year- d
8:12 am
7-year-old7-year-old alyson and 5-year-old baby, katie. i wander out of my room or out of the house at all hours. i didn't know what i was doing, searching for the girls? my friends and family would gently steer me back where i belonged. people went outside this long island church as jackie's husband eulogized his daughters. >> children, children. >> yjackie cannot. her girls' bedrooms are untouched. their birthdays still celebrated. but she says her extended family are split by diane's husband's ve meant defense of his wife. >> my wife is not an alcoholic. something medically happened. >> reporter: jackie is upset her brother-in-law gave hbo permission for the upcoming documentary about the crash call, there's smog wrong with aunt diane. the fact they used my daughter
8:13 am
emma's last words as a title only makes it that much more painful. the lone survivor of the accident is diane's son brian. jackie's godson. but she stays away from him. i have to be able to trust myself around him and right now i don't. i want to reach out and hug him and at the same time try to shake answers out of him. jackie is trying to adjust to her new realilnewality. but even going out is a challenge. i think people are whispering, wondering how i can be having fun, as if i've forgotten the girls. they can't imagine how i feel a couple of hours later when we get back home and there's no baby sitter to pay. so jackie wishes every day to be in heaven with her daughters. this fall, jackie and her husband warren are expecting a baby. now, jackie says she has been amazed by the outpouring from total strangers. they've received thousands of
8:14 am
cards and letters, and offers of help, most notably from a manhattan fertility doctor who may have given them perhaps the best medicine of all. matt? >> anne thompson for us on this story. anne, thank you very much. janice is a writer for "ladies' home journal" who worked with jackie hance on this piece. i was haunted by the accident two years ago. i was haunted again reading this piece. and yet i think everyone should read it, especially parents because it makes you stop and think about very important issues. >> right. the raw pain that jackie feels comes across in this article. and what struck me about jackie is when a tragedy like this happens we all try to think why it wouldn't be us, anybody we know. the first time i met jackie she walks in and i thought, you're every woman, you're everybody. >> do you have a sense for why she wanted to write this with you now? is this a part in some ways of her healing process? >> i think so. and i think when something this horrible happens you look for that one strand of good.
8:15 am
and for jackie that one strand of good may be helping other people who are in a tough situation go on. >> this part of the article where she talks and writing about walking around in this daze of grief, where she would leave the house at all times of the day and perhaps even looking for her children, searching for her children, but is she living a more normal life now? >> i think so. her mind just couldn't accept this tragedy. she would relive the day. every time she woke up she thought it was that sunday morning again. >> in the article jackie says people always ask her how she feels about her sister-in-law diane schuller who was behind the we'll of the minivan. she said you can't imagine how complex that question is. we're talking about the woman who end up taking the lives of her three daughters. >> exactly. unbelievably complicated and painful to somebody who you love, who your family has loved, who your families have always spent time together, you trust your three most precious children with them.
8:16 am
and then something like that happens. you can't explain it. >> it's a tragedy upon a tragedy, because not only was there this massive loss of life, there was the fracturing of this family even among the survivors. the people left behind no longer communicate with one another. >> jackie and her husband have managed to stay together, as difficult a situation like this that they've been strong together. but, of course, this was his sister. and jackie talks about looking at the pain in his eyes and knowing the many sources of that. >> expecting a child in the fall. i mean, one of the messages from the article is the importance of moving forward. >> right. >> no matter how severe the tragedy. >> exactly. the great courage of doing that and the great sense of hope and inspiration that that is, that whatever has happened and knowing how this perhaps, we can't always protect our children, you still have to go forward. >> they're keeping their daughters' memory alive with the hance family foundation. >> it's a foundation in memory of the girls and it does lovely
8:17 am
things for other young women in the community. helping them build self-esteem, body image. lovely program for them in their memory. >> thank you very much. we're back right after this. ouncer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a square foot. these wheat thins crunch stix will save us. [ crunch ] look!
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8:20 am
back now at 8:19 with more of our special series, how to live to 100. this morning we're focusing on the science of longevity. reaching the century mark, is it possible for everyone? here's nbc's chief medical editor. >> reporter: there are approximately 70,000 centenarians living in the united states today. and some scientists say that the first person who will live to their 150th birthday had already been born. but who are these centenarians going to be and can we increase our chances of becoming one of them? >> the signs of aging is becoming really popular because there's so much more out there as a consumer to take control of their health and manage their
8:21 am
aging. >> reporter: in 2009 three scientists won the nobel prize for the research on one of the most exciting developments on the aging forefront. telomeres are structures on the chromosomes that shorten as people age. think of them as a plastic tips on a shoestring. people with shorter telomeres are more likely to develop illnesses and die earlier. the science is far from complete but some laboratories have seized this opportunity and are offering tests that measures a person's telomere length. this laboratory is the only lab in the united states to offer telomere testing. the cost, $200. >> it can serve as a wake-all call for some people. it's a measure on how well you're ageing on the inside. so for some people it can tell them that maybe they're aging faster than they expect and maybe they can make some major lifetime changes. >> reporter: i decided toby own ginuinea pig and see what my
8:22 am
telomere says about me. i hope i slide out of home plate. that's all i'm asking for. but if our telomeres are short, is there a way to make them longer? this doctor at the albert einstein college of medicine is focusing their research but is hoping hoping catches up. >> why is everyone looking at telomere? >> people think it can serve as a bio marker for prediction of how long they are going to live. but, like predictions, can be this side or this side. >> reporter: he believes their test is for real. >> it does not tell you when you're going to die or how long you have to live. it just tells you how well you're aging and help you manage that. >> reporter: is it safe to say that this is an extraordinarily exciting development in the lab but it is not ready for public
8:23 am
use? >> yes. we don't have enough information to make it accurate for prediction. >> the future is there? >> the future is there. >> reporter: with that in mind, i'm ready to get my result. like any good parent, i want one wish, i want to predisepredisea children, that's it. >> chief medical officer here. let's hear nancy's results. good morning. >> good morning. >> you don't know what the results are? >> i don't have a clue. >> we're going to put them up on the monitorexplain, tanya, how nancy did. >> nancy is the red box. and the black line is the average telomere length of her age. if you look at her box and you track it over to the green dot, that's her actual age based on
8:24 am
her telomere lengths. >> so i'm 70 right now even though i'm 59? >> i'll make you feel better. there's a variance here, 8% to 10% error when you get older. it's plus or minus seven years. your range really is 63 to 77, with an average of 70. but your telomeres are shorter than someone your same age. >> you are likely to have -- >> a shorter life expectancexpe >> that's sobering. >> it's a variable. i could get hit by a bus this afternoon. >> please don't. >> thank you. >> but what's interesting to me, looking at that, is that i'm probably the first in my generation to really be affected by everything environmental. i'm a fast food kid. i grew up around cigarette smoke. you know, i wasn't perfect in college. i've had, you know, some excess alcohol in my past. >> but you workout -- >> but i'm not stupid. every one of those things takes a hit.
8:25 am
that to me says you can override your genes and environmental factors. perhaps even though i've cleaned up my act since then, i live a pretty good life now, there's still room for improvement. >> there is. your genes are set but how your genes are translated and transcripted you have an affect with your lifestyle choices. >> on that point then you talk about what you can do as for nutritional profile tests, take your medication, exercise, decrease body fat, meditate, reduce stress. that last point -- >> stress is huge. i must tell you, this doesn't shock me. >> no. >> it's sobering to me. >> it shocked me, though. >> it's sobering to me. i wish it weren't what it is. but i can't tell you that i'm absolutely shocked. i expected it to not get a great result and to tell myself to get my act together. >> does that mean -- for $200, anyone can have this done? the question is, is it worth it? are you -- do you think it was worth it for you to now know this sobering number, nancy?
8:26 am
>> yes, this to me is a little bit like getting a stress test or angiogram. it's a component. let's check back a year later and see if we can make it better. >> let's do that. i get my act fixed. >> you can do it.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
good morning. coming up on 8:28. the county council approved a new smoking ban, beginning august 12th. smoking will not be allowed in the common areas of apartment buildings and town house complexes. that includes hallways, launchedry rooms and lobbies. let's look at our forecast now. tom. >> we've got bright sunshine now and we are beginning to heat up. there's a live picture of the jefferson memorial. temperatures right now are around 80 degrees in the suburbs and right in the cities now, it's hitting the mid 80s. 85 at reagan national. later today, ought to hit the mid 90s by midafternoon. then late afternoon, early evening, could get some storms. how is traffic? 270 in maryland, you are slos slow aus make your way down towards rockville.
8:29 am
you can see the lanes are packed. but the good news is as you head towards spur, it's smoother ride for you. back to you, aaron. >> for now, back to new york and the "today" show.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, july 13th, 2011. we've got a great group starting their day with us this morning. if they stick around until friday, guess what, they're going to be able to catch pop sensation chris brown live in concert on our plaza. that will be a lot of fun. just ahead we've got a lot more coming up.
8:31 am
>> how about this? the way that you can get rid of nasty germs in your house, from your bathroom to your kitchen, your toothbrush, your cell phones. we're going to have the gadgets that is perfect for me and al. if you ever decided to buy one of those construction sites, one of the big dozers, now you can can thanks to one creative company. and who doesn't like an ice pop on a hot summer's day? we have adult form. >> all right. before we get to all that, hi to a guy who tan gained instant celebrity over the weekend. this is christian lopez. >> hi. >> derek jeter got his 3,000th hit, home run to the left field bleachers. this is the guy who caught the ball. and most importantly, this is the guy who decided to give that ball back to derek jeter. christian, nice to see you. good morning. >> pleasure. >> when you're sitting in stands there, 2 r,999, in the first
8:32 am
inning. were you allowing yourself to dream that it might come to you? >> it's everybody's dream. i he pulled it deep. last june i was with the other thousands of people. we were just trying to get a picture of history. and so he hit the ball. everybody is like, threw their head up looking at it and the ball got bigger and bigger and bigger. then i see my dad kind of jump across the crowd. and unfortunately he didn't get it. it kind of rolled in front of me. >> congratulations on that. you were a part of history. >> yeah. >> how long did it take you to decide to give that ball back? >> right away i knew that i wanted to give the ball back to jeter. i didn't know what i wanted at the time. to be honest with you, it happened so quickly when i finally got to sit down, i finally got a second to process it and i really just wanted to give the ball back to jeter. he deserves it. he's an icon.
8:33 am
you think of yankee sports, you think of new york sports, derek jeter is a poster boy. he has hit that ball 3,000 plus times now, he deserves it. he's worked hard for where he is and played a high level of baseball. he's been a captain for a better part of a decade. >> what a fan. >> what was it like for you to meet jeter? >> words can't even describe it. it was crazy. when i met him, when i met him i was just like, hey, congratulations. thank you for everything you've done. he goes, no, thank you. i was like, oh, wow. >> and, christian, you got -- the ball was worth a lot of money. you got some pretty stiff student loans. did you think about for a minute that you might sell it, try to bring down a loan cost for you? >> not at all. i'm 23 years old. i have a lot of time to make money. i have a bright future ahead of me. it was just a crazy time.
8:34 am
he deserved it. i'm not going to take that away from him. instead of being, i'm part of history now. you can't put a price on that. >> the yankees stepped up, also. they gave you season tickets for the remainder of the season. memorabilia. there was some question whether you would be taxed on that. i understand the yankees have said it's a gift and we're going to handle that. is that your understanding? >> i don't really know what's going on. i'm trying to stay away from that situation right now and i'm trying to enjoy the moment. i mean, if i get taxed, i get taxed. they take care of it, they cata care of it. >> most importantly, it was his girlfriend who gave him the ticket as a birthday gift. you owe her for the rest of your life. you realize that. >> derek jeter said that, too. a lot of people have been saying that. it's her birthday this saturday so i'm spending time with her and her family. wonderful time in new york. >> you did the right thing. and a lot of people really see
8:35 am
you as a great example. so, christian, it's great to have you here. way to go. >> way to go, christian. >> thank you. thank you. a fan down here for you today. >> and let's get a check of the weather now from mr. rockier. >> hard to top that. we've got a risk of strong thunderstorms throughout much of montana. heat continues down to the south. that will continue tomorrow, but the heat continues, stays back down south, down through the southwest. slight risk of strong storms in the plains, back to northern montana and more rain continues in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. bright sunshine. less humid now and we're in the low and mid 80s now. later today, should make it into the low to mid 90s by mid to late afternoon. lower humidity, cooler weather moves in for thursday, friday and saturday. morning lows, 60s. afternoon high, 80s. small chance of a storm around on saturday, mainly west of
8:36 am
washington. then sunday, monday, tuesday, the humidity creeps back in. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, check your weather any time day or night, weather channel or online. >> thanks a lot. al, you're going to like this next segment because we're going to talk about germ fighting and it's going to go high tech. we have the latest and greatest gadgets for your home. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
8:37 am
8:38 am
[ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. ♪ we're back now at 8:38. this morning on "today's" tech, germ fighting. no matter how much you clean and scrub, it's impossible to get rid of all the bacteria breeding in your home. now there's some high-tech help. digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong is here with great suggestions. this is perhaps the best segment you will ever do with me.
8:39 am
al and i are phobics when it comes to this. do these things really work? >> that's the thing. they work just as well as you would think about a spray cleaner with chemicals. how do you really know that really works, right? one thing about uv light which is the first thing with this sanitize -- >> uv wand. >> it uses the uv light that actually kills the dna of microorganisms. >> this is good tort kitchen and bathroom. how close do you have to get to it? >> very close to the surface. do a sweeping motion. but very close. it takes about six seconds to do an entire toilet. not a long time. >> also work oons sink in the bathroom. how much is this thing? >> 70 bucks. about $69. wireless, as you can see. great around the house. >> if you have kids, it's worth its weight in gold. toothbrushes. germs love toothbrushes. >> they do because it's moist and wet and bacteria can grow there easily. >> what's this? >> this is a hot and wet dry steam kind of sanitizer. this is made by germ terminator. basically you put your toothbrush necessary here and use electric or different size
8:40 am
toothbrushes as well. put it in. put a little bit of distilled water? >> every night or once in a while? >> every night. >> because you can also find your -- people don't buy new toothbrushes enough. >> every three months. >> cell phones. lots of nasty germs on cell phones. >> this is a cell phone sanitizer for the iphone and other phones. it takes five minutes. a light comes on. five minutes later the uv ray on the inside kill any of the germs. >> obvious question here, doesn't hurt the gadget. >> does not. i put my own phone in there. >> bottles, pacifiers, infants in your home, you're always worried about germs. this seems very warm. >> it's sanitizing right now as you can see. this is a great gift for brand new moms and dads that are out there. but this kills household bacteria using steam. >> is this better than putting these things in a very hot dishwasher. >> yeah, because there's no chemicals. that's why. it's all natural. >> talk to me about with the keyboards here. >> a lot of people use keyboards all the time. they collect so much germs on
8:41 am
these keyboards. the wet one by wet keys is a fully washable keyboard. you can fold it up, take it with you on the go. it's portable. i'm going to dunk it right here and submerge it fully in water so you can see that i'm not lying. >> nothing can happen to that. >> nothing can happen to this. it has a full mouse as well. >> any computer. >> yes, it is. any computer can use this because it connects via usb. >> how much is that? >> 60 bucks. >> not bad. okay. meanwhile, here's a different kind of computer keyboard. >> that's right. this is great for kids. made by toshiba. we have ketchup on here now. it's a wipable keyboard. >> i'm glad that's just ketchup. >> what did you think? let me see. >> i don't know. >> you didn't have to do that. >> that's ketchup. >> how much is this? >> $468 bucks. great investment for kids. it's huh tough and rug bed. fully wipable keyboard. >> you've got two different kinds of vacuum cleaners. what's the difference? >> the difference one is this
8:42 am
one actually kills bedbugs. so this is used for furniture. everyone is worried about bedbugs. simply turn it on. it has a uv light under it as you can barely see it. >> also have suction to it? >> a little bit of suction to it as well. roll it over the furniture. >> that is the idea, it's sucking the bedbugs up or killing them where they are. >> it's killing the dna of that microorganism so they cannot produce new eggs. >> you're confident in this one? >> i haven't been -- i don't have bedbugs. i haven't been able to find out. >> congratulations on that. how much was it? >> about $129. >> and finally? >> finally, the digital one from dyson, great for carpets as well as hardwood floors. it's the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market. love this thing. have it in my house. it's great for i picking up the fine dust particles that may be laying around the house. very lightweight. >> price on that? >> $299. >> not bad. mario, thank you very much.
8:43 am
>> keep you germ free, man. >> i'm trying. thank you very much. up next, unusual vacation experience to put you behind p wheel of your very own bulldozer. mario, how do you like that? we're to explain. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher,
8:44 am
setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district.
8:45 am
i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at-risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at with the economy struggling many people have been forced to get creative in order to keep their jobs, and "today's" national correspondent jenna wolfe recently spent time. and jenna, i understand you as usual got involved. >> i did. listen to this. have you ever driven by a construction site and wondered who it would be like to get behind the wheel of a bulldozer to handle all that equipment? now you can. check out this business. i couldn't resist getting involved. it is mid week of mid month and i am knee deep in the mid
8:46 am
afternoon paper. oh, what i wouldn't do for a little r and, are somewhere, anywhere. a beautiful beach, a wild safari, even a parisian paradise. but a construction sight? >> okay there, sweet cheeks. move it or lose it. >> reporter: surely i've got my daytime dreams wrong. this is a vacation? welcome to people at play located on florida's beautiful gulf coast. it bills itself as the heavy equipment experience, shangri-la for big kids who have the curiosity for the monster machines of building. >> absolutely people who drive by construction sites and stare at the machines and want to steal a key and try to figure out how to get in the there. >> reporter: melissa bennett know that feeling well. she and her husband own a construction business and because of the slowing economy has taken a turn for the worse. so melissa came up with an idea,
8:47 am
if you can't sell the work, sell the experience. >> so we basically are taking the back road rodeos and develop challenges here that kind of imitate what you might do on a website and make it fun and show you the diversity and sensitivity of these huge steel monsters. they're amazing. >> reporter: bulldozer, excavators, steers, pick your dream machine and go play. no matter who you are. >> i just always was fascinate with the really big machines. and how powerful they were. but i didn't realize that you didn't have to have a lot of to operate them. >> as a kid i used to play with construction equipment toy s soi always loved that. it was in my dream to play with this kind of equipment. >> so irwin, who proudly displays his collection of construction makes and models at home, just a few days off, brought the power play experience, donned the hard hat and climbed in the cab. digging, pulling, dropping.
8:48 am
once that is mastered, it's fun time. and actual obstacle course on this big rig. >> a lot of the guys that come through here, and women, they're kind of the adventure seekers, zip liners, people who go on to fantasy baseball camps, do all crazy stuff. >> reporter: yeah, if you call this crazy. pin the tail, bat the ball, lift and dropt drop, dig and do, and there's pressure. you're on the clock here. this is all timed. >> keep on going. keep on going. >> reporter: and all with a personal coach standing by guiding you. >> and what will your average weekend day person? >> i'm hoping you're going to come in the 30s. 35 minutes you're telling me guys can do this course at five to seven minutes and you tell me 30 minutes before you even see me hop in these things? >> i love you, jenna, but -- >> i guess we should give it a shot then. >> there we go. now, you are officially on my clock.
8:49 am
>> the hardest part about running the machine. >> that was the hardest part? >> you graduated. >> i can't reach the pedals. do you have a phone book? hey, buddy! ♪ i got a strike! >> you're going to have to put it inside the tire. >> reporter: now, that would be a vacation. oh, you can't use the bulldozer. excavator. you need the excavator. see how much work i do? anyone can do this, men, women, young, old. and they offer three different price packages for various lengths of time. and, yes, they do offer gift certificates in case you know of anyone who wants to don a hard hat. >> bottom line is they're making
8:50 am
money. >> making money. >> other companies are also trying to do this as well. it's not the only one. >> right. if the economy is not making money for initial business, tweak it a little bit and enjoy a separate business. >> creativity. jenna wolfe, thank you for your reporting. coming up next, how does a mojito sound? he's got us recipes for grown-up ice pops. that's coming up right after this.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now at 8:51. this morning on how to cook everything today, we're making ice popsicles with a twist. he's "new york times" magazine columnist and the author of the "how to cook everything" cookbook. glad to see you. memories. these bring back memories. what was your favorite ice pop as a kid? >> fudge sickle or cream sickle. most of those in the magazine. we're making one of these here today. these are like grown-up flavors. >> they are easy. a lot of them take a blender and a few ingredients. >> we start here with a blend wewe blender and a few ingredients. we start with strawberries and water and basil. >> why basil?
8:53 am
why not mint? >> we have mint in a minute. >> and sugar. this is a little sweet. >> you have to be careful how much sugar you put in because if you put too much in, they don't get solid? >> sugar and alcohol will really help a popsicle be creamy but too much will keep it from freezing. how do i use this? pulse it. >> you pop it in there. >> there we go. >> great. >> and then off into the molds? >> into the molds. and then if you don't have fancy molds, you freeze them halfway in dixie cups, but freeze them until you get a little slushy. >> your stick will stand up. >> this is a sweet one. then you've got a savory one. this is avocado and cilantro. >> this is delicious. >> will i get my kids off the trampoline? >> i don't care about your kids. i care ability yout you. >> that's nice to know.
8:54 am
>> avocado, water, cilantro. no sugar. it really is for grown-ups. >> i'm going to take a taste. >> try one of these. look how beautiful. >> uh-huh. >> i need excitement. i need visible excitement. i'm not getting it from you. okay. >> mark. no. that is -- okay. that's different. >> okay. >> here we have different. different is right. wait, we're not there yet. >> oh, yes, we are. >> this is your basic fudge sickle but with a little bit of -- >> chocolate and chili. >> chocolate, a little bit of chili, some vanilla and sugar and cinnamon. you've got a bunch of different flavors in here. >> i can't get that taste out of my mouth. >> you like chocolate. >> i do. i love chocolate. >> try this. >> see if you can keep it from falling on your nice suit.
8:55 am
>> that one's delicious. >> okay. you can't please everybody with everything. >> that really is. >> some people's taste is sophisticated. >> fine. i'm a caveman. so you heated this up a little bit. >> melt the chocolate. sugar. a little cinnamon. some chili, a tiny bit of vanilla and you have to whisk this up to melt it and then freeze it. >> same situation. put it in a nice mold. this one doesn't firm up all that quickly? >> you really have to freeze them. >> yeah. >> we've been waiting. >> cilantro? >> try this. >> it doesn't have any sugar and it's avocado? >> nad natalie, here, no, you're going to love this. >> no. why do i feel like this is a bad prank? >> i like it. but it's not sweet. >> no. >> i don't like that one whatsoever. sorry. >> 2 for 4. we're back after your local news.
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56 on this wednesday, july 13th. i'm aaron gilchrist. today, one of the men arrested for a protest calling for d.c. statehood will have his day in court. keith silver, the neighborhood commissioner is accused of disorderly conduct and blocking passage for his actions during the april demonstration. the mayor vincent gray and other city leaders were also arrested during that protest. the washington redskins will soon count on solar energy to power fedex field. the team announced today it's installing solar panels at the stadium.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we have the possibly of a late afternoon thunderstorms and thursday, friday and saturday lows in the 80s. >> let's start out at 95. it's slow for you as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. as you look at the 14th street bridge, the delays continue. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. more news, weather and traffic for you in 25 minutes or
9:00 am
and we're back with more of "today" on this wednesday morning, the 13th of july, 2011. nice day to do a little sight-seeing in midtown manhattan. that's what some of these folks are doing right here in rockefeller plaza. nice to have them, as always. meanwhile, matt lauer along with ann curry and savannah guthrie. got a lot to get to in this half hour. but those avocado pops, i can't get this out of my mind. we love mark. >> i love avocado. >> i'm in the center. i enjoy avocado. it was like having guacamole frozen, i acknowledge that. >> i like the idea of guacamole
9:01 am
frozen. >> i love mark and mark likes to be challenged. >> tell the truth to friends. >> that's exactly right. anyway, coming up -- >> on national television. >> -- so much talking about the wrangling over the debt crisis in washington. you may be wondering how it's going to affect your personal finances. we're going to have answers to that question as well as great ideas about what you should do with extra cash. do you invest it in the stock market right now or perhaps put a down payment down on a house. >> all right. and also on another subject, talking about, you know, slow down, you move too fast, make your morning last. maybe that's a good idea. maybe not just in a song but also improving your health and happiness. how to relax from routine and get you feeling better. >> all right. and on another note, the duchess, nothing short of dazzling on her north american tour, from canada to california and we're going to show you how you can dress like royalty without spending money like
9:02 am
royalty. the knockoffs are out. we'll look at them. let's go inside. natalie is at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. still no break in the deadlock over the nation's debt limit. today lawmakers head back to the white house again. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has offered what is being called a last choice option to avoid default. his proposal would allow the president to increase the federal debt limit putting responsibility for that on the president's shoulders. british p.m. david cameron said he will look into weather nefb victims were among those targeted in the growing "news of the world" phone hacking scandal. the paper, part of his media empire shut down over the weekend amid outrage in victim. another victim is hugh grant and said the scandal is important to america too. >> rupert murdoch does own an
9:03 am
enormous amount of your media and some of your newspapers. and i think people need to ask themselves, you know, who is this man who owns such a large part of our media. i think, you know, when you hear some of the new allegations about who the "news of the world" was phone hack that may include and i stretch the allegations at this stage, some of the 9/11 victims, well, i don't know, that may strike a chord with americans. >> and this morning more fallout from the scandal with word that news international's legal manager has left the company. parents who want healthier food options for their children are getting some help today. at least 19 major restaurant chains are announcing they're putting more fruits and vegetables on the children's menu along with whole grains and low fat dairy items if restaurants ast also say they will do more to promote healthier food options. america has a new medal of honor recipient. sergeant first class leroy pet tree received the nation's
9:04 am
highest military honor on tuesday from president obama. he lost his right hand while protecting his fellow troops in a firefight. all eyes are on team "usa today." yes! in germany at the women's world cup after this weekend's stunning victory over brazil. the team takes on france today in the semifinals. star player abbey wombach said losing is not an option. is not an option. and the memorial is being planned at a republic tile park for a 10-year-old giant tortoise that died on sunday. masusala had been a mainstay at the park. the park manager says losing him is like losing an old, good friend. and federal officials have given a green light to a new way to beat the morning commute. a massachusetts company expects to start selling a flying car next year, complete with wings that fold up for driving and parking. it requires a sport pilot's license and it comes with a
9:05 am
steep price tag. apparently, a quarter million dollars. pretty james bond looking. let's get another check of the weather from mr. rockier. >> let's check it out for you. the heat continues and you can see we've got the boundary of the warm air and the cooler cold air. the heat will continue this morning through the gulf coast on into the southeast. but beautiful conditions as you make your way into the northeast, on into the great lakes. 76 in minneapolis today. look for sunshine through the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. sunshine now, we're into the 80s. right now, 88 at reagan national and will continue to climb into the 90s by later this afternoon. and we have the possibility of a passing afternoon or early evening thunder shower. after that, lower humidity, cooler weather moving in for thursday, friday and saturday. afternoon highs into the mid 80s. and there's a slight chance of a
9:06 am
storm on saturday, mainly west of washington. then the heat builds, the humidity begin toes return sunday, monday and tuesday. may get some storms >>an >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ all right, al. thanks. now to "today's" money 911, this morning we're tackling everything from rolling over your 401(k) to whether the government debt crisis impacts your bottom line. jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor and author of "money 911." david bach is author of "debt free for life." and personal finance editor is author of "the real cost of living qutd ". good morning. >> good morning. >> the first time we did our tweet fest it was so successful that we decided to do it again. all of our questions are coming from twitter. confine your answers to 140 characters, that would be super. >> i'll do my best. >> just kidding. our first question is from donovan 48 who asks, what is better, investing $20,000 in the
9:07 am
stock market, conservatively, and rent or using to it put down on a home. jean, what would you say? >> if you're planning on being in that home for five years or more, now is a great time to buy. the other consideration simply needs to be do you have enough money put away for your retirement? if you don't that $20,000 can help you there. >> let's november on move on to question. emmy tweets at pinkunic. she asks, what percentage of income should be saved for retirement if you will have a pension? david, what would you advise her? >> you've got to save one hour a day of your income. 12.5% of your gross income. that's the bear minimum i'm telling people now. if you want to be rich, save 15% to 20% of your gross income automatically from every single paycheck. put that right in your 401(k) plan or ira account. >> put it in something that earns interest. carmen, we got one for you.
9:08 am
>> all right. >> snoopy62. concerned about the government debt ceiling problem. how does it affect us? is there something we need to do with our money. >> two parter. first, it depends on what the resolution is. that's going to depend on it. we can assume there may be tax increases, so it debends on our tax bracket. we can assume it's going to be spending cuts as well. if you get federal aid you may be a little bit of trouble there. here's the thing. more importantly, are you positioned? your retirement, speaking about being rich, are you put that money away and managing it in a way that you're looking at a long-term recession here, okay, and cash. what i'm more worried about are job numbers. >> and the longer this goes out, the markets start reacting to the mere threat of the u.s. >> so far is market is sitting back and everyone is confident this is going to be resolved. but really the job numbers are bad. make sure you put that cash away if that's more important. >> next tweet is from th
9:09 am
higgins. is it betser to my credit score to completely pay off my krrds each month or leave a small balance? we've heard that you're supposed to have some credit cards to improve your credit score. >> you're just supposed to use your credit cards. by all means, pay them off. it's so much better. it doesn't matter for your credit score. it's so much better for your wallet. as long as you are paying it off every single month, you're in good shape. >> it should help the credit score. >> yes. >> who wants to pay the breast interest rates. a lot are high. >> really high and that can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. >> david, i've got one for you from laura shivers from arizona. her question, i need to move 401(k) money from my previous employer but i can't decide on rollover to a new company or a roth ira. >> really, decision, the first is should she do a rollover? yes. roll it over from your old 401(k) plan to an ira in your
9:10 am
name or roll it into your new 401(k) plan. then you can make the decision do you want to convert it to a roth ira. if you're going to convert it to a roth ira you've got to have the money to pay the taxes outside of that ira account. >> why roll over at all? why wouldn't you leave it where it is? >> you never want to leave money, in my opinion, behind in a 401(k) plan. big mistake. >> control. you want to control where you're investing that money. from that perspective, having money in an ira gives you more choices. >> and you have more choices on who your beneficiaries are. >> our next one comes from dallas suburb. this is, again, microses. what is the best way and time to buy stock? >> 140 characters if here we go. buy in whole. increases your chances of getting a return. second, make sure it's in a tax-friendly account because capital gain taxes takes a lot of money out of returns. third, if you're talking about timing you can't time the time of day, time of month.
9:11 am
it's not like buying a car. most important thing is buy smart. actually don't just buy one stock, buy bunches of stocks because diversity will increase your chance of return. stock index fund, for example. >> i think a lot of us regular old consumers feel like the we're buying stock somehow we're missing the boat. we're not sophisticated enough to be in the market. >> a normal person buys stock. >> it's a big loss not to put yourself in the market because you feel like you're not smart enough. educate yourself. don't just buy individual stocks. >> buy everything. just buy everything. buy a big index fund. it's the biggest way to go. they beat the managed mutual funds many years in a row. >> another one. from is sioux falls, south dakota. she tweeted, is there a place to consolidate private student loans? i'm having trouble finding a place. >> there is a place to do it. there are many places to do it. you want to go to thina
9:12 am
they have a list to consolidate to put private loans and federal loans together. >> all right. jean, david, carmen, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for those on the east coast, carmen is going to stick around for the next hour to take your questions. head to or tweet@todayshow andmoney911. you live your life in the f fast lane, slow down. and late, she's got the look, no question about that, now you can get it, too, for less. we're going to show you how to dress like kate after these messages. aft er c ollege, i moved back in with my parents. i was worried about 'em, you know? i mean for instance my mom went to bed tonight before making my dinner. which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night, guys. [ sighs ] ♪
9:13 am
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9:16 am
we live in a 24/7 world constantly connected, wired in, and on the go. but that can take a toll on your health and your happiness. "today" contributor dr. raj is here to explain why slowing down may win the race. she's also the med or contributor to "health" magazine. dr. raj, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> we are so over tasked. we'reonstantly connected. you said this is actually affecting us because the slowing down process, we're not processing as much at work and in our daily life. >> exactly. it can really affect us in terms of mental and physical health. we want to slow down. we gave our readers in the magazine tip on hotel you slow down the pace and better your life. >> relax your morning routine. how can you do that? >> the way you wake up. actually sets the tone for your day. you don't want that jarring alarm clock waking you up. do something a little more calm. maybe classical music.
9:17 am
sometimes they even have birds chirping. something that's going to wake you up in a soothing way. >> looking for the birds in the house. >> where is that bird? you also want to make sure your morning routine is limited so you prepare the night before. maybe layout your clothes, get your work bag ready, everything you need in there so you're not scrambling in the morning. sounds crazy but maybe wake up ten minutes earlier so you're not rushing around like crazy. >> exactly. >> stretch before you get in the shower is a great way to relax a little bit. >> get the body going, as well. you say also, when it comes to eating, to slow down because it actually can affect not only your digestion but your waistline. >> you tend to consume moreries because you don't let your body tell you when it's full. you keep shovel that food in. you want to slow down the pace. pay attention to what you're eating. savor the food and the textures. you also want to not do something else while you're eating. >> turn off the tv. >> turn off the tv. don't read a magazine, the computer. again, the mind is eating causes
9:18 am
you to eat more. >> when it comes to vacation, i think we tend to overdo it. we overschedule. take your time. breathe. and enjoy, right? >> people do like seven cities in seven days. you're going to be exhausted by the end of it. stay in one place. really enjoy it. do a lot of walking. don't zip around in a car from place to place. if you walk you absorb more and take it easy. keeping a travel journal is a calmer way to see the place as opposed to the 100 pictures. enjoy it and take your time. >> say vvor the moment and make sure it lasts. slow down at work but the key is not get behind. what's the trick? >> it's interesting. so many of us think multitasking is a good thing and helps us achieve more. studies have shown you're less effective, you make more mistake, more distracted. focus on one thing at a time. close all those extraneous things on your computer. work on one thing. you don't want the terchtding mail on the bottom calling you.
9:19 am
take frequent breaks. just five minutes away from your desk will make you more focused when you get back. >> let's talk about sex, when it comes to a couple's sex life, slowing down actually increases the connection as well. >> absolutely. you may feel rushed. often there's that sort of the goal at the whole of the whole thing. take it slow. absorb it. en joy the process rather than rushing to finish it off were the kids come in. you want to actually, again, take breaks. i'm not saying go do laundry and come back in the middle. but if you -- >> excuse me, honey. >> a few seconds can help build the arousal, the excitement. you want to just take your time. not rush it and enjoy it. >> build to the moment. okay. and then finally, breathing. and i think if you do nothing else, this is most important, is to really feel that breath. >> right. this is the tried and true method. if you're in a key situation where you're feeling stressed out, take some really deep breaths. put one hadn't on your chest, one hand on your stomach, you inhale for four seconds, exhale. you want to feel your chest
9:20 am
rising. that can really help calm you down in a stressful situation. >> bring you back to the moment. >> exactly. >> doctor, thank you so much. still to come, woo going to show you how to dress like kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge, but without having to sell your crown jeweled. s. bacon?! gotta get that bacon!
9:21 am
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coming up, two women from our crowd get pampered like a princess with an instant ambush make yoer. plus, the reality tv star who flipped out. jeff lewis tells us why this is booming even in this bad real estate market. that's after your local news and weather.
9:25 am
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good morning. we've got the sunshine and temperatures have already hit the 80s through your most of the region. right now, reagan national is at 88. we'll make it into the mid 90s. we'll have increasing clouds from the northwest and that will perhaps bring in a few showers this evening into the metro area. earlier, off to our west and north before perhaps around 3:00, we might have an isolated thunder shower in the mountains. and is then cooler weather moves in and less humid, as well. on thursday, friday and saturday with highs in the 80s and morning lows in the 60s. then we begin to heat up and get humidity back into the weekend. the first part of next week. how is traffic. if you're traveling the outerbelt loop in maryland, you are going to see red. take a look at this. as you make your way towards georgia avenue, it is complete stop and go for you. in fact, at college park, you're
9:29 am
traveling at 20 miles per hour, making your way to georgia avenue, 16 miles per hour. here is a live look right now at new hampshire avenue. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, denella. we'll have more local news, weather and traffic for you in
9:30 am
harry potter, the boy who lived come to die. >> it's the beginning of the end of the spell harry potter has cast on movie audiences over the last decade. and daniel radcliffe who have embodied harry all that time through all those films will talk about the final chapter in the big screen saga tomorrow on "today." natalie morales. >> great conclusion to a more than decade long effort. and really amazing to see how
9:31 am
j.k.rowling when she wrote it she said she wrote it from beginning to end. i watched the first one now and how it puts it all together. >> you see the whole story. >> it is brilliant. the last one is brilliant. >> but it is p grkpg-13. the role of kate middleton, duchess of cambridge, made a splash across canada last week, whether she was in her favorite jeans or simple dress or flowing gown she always looked amazing. we're going to show you now how you can get that same look for much, much less. then in "today's" kitchen, a taste of the south from these famous high school sweethearts who do it all together. food network celebrity's are going to show us how to make a southern favorite. >> it looks good. also sounds good. also, this funny video is going to get you feeling good. some senior citizens in michigan making their own viral video. i think we have the video here.
9:32 am
lip syncing to michael buble's "feeling good." cute. ♪ well, we're going to show it all to you and take a look at the ones that we made here at "today," too, most recently for meredith's farewell. we love to replay that one over and over again. let's get a final check of lay that one. >> exactly. >> first, though, let's get a final check on the weather from al. >> we've got the risk of strong storms throughout the plains, beautiful weather throughout the great lakes. sunshine through the southwest. looking ahead toward tomorrow, beautiful along the east coast. you can't ask for better weather. the sizzling weather continues from the south to texas. slight risk of strong storms from montana back into the central plains and more showers in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. >> good mourn. we've got sunshine and it has warmed into the 80s now and later today we should hit the anyone mid 90s by midafternoon.
9:33 am
you might get a shower or thunderstorm in the mountains. around the metro area, perhaps late afternoon into the evening hours, early evening within we might get an isolated thunder shower. lower humidity and cereal weather moves in for thursday, friday and saturday. then getting more humid on sunday, as well as into monday and tuesday. might get some storms tuesday. and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. you know him as the obsessive compulsive house flipper turned interior designer and tar of bravo's "fliping out". >> he doesn't find if we call him that. >> no. >> fifth season of the show last week. good to see you. >> good morning. >> given the housing market you moved off of flipping houses and turned to interior design. tell us about the show. >> fifth season. started airing last week. and it basically follows my life. and i transition from a house flipper. i was a house flipper for over ten years. and when the market fell, i had to kind of find something else to do, so i think that the
9:34 am
natural -- i think the natural transition was into interior designer working for people. the problem was i worked for myself for so many years. now i work for other people. >> speaking of other people we're seeing video of some of the things that you've been doing on this season. you actually have a video there of your housekeeper and people who know you and love the characters on the show. they're all back. she's undergoing a transformation here. right? >> yes. >> kind of a birthday gift. >> i think for people who watch the show. by the way, i think it's the second year that this is -- i think we are like the number one show -- >> interior design. >> on cable but also people are saying over and over and over again it's the best show that you're not watching. and natalie, i'm a little upset that you didn't watch last season. i'll have to send you the disk. >> i watch the show religiously. >> just because i haven't been returning your phone calls doesn't mean you don't watch it. >> compulsive as always, right? >> yes. i actually think it's getting worse as we get older.
9:35 am
little things mean a lot to me. but i think that's been -- it's been -- it's helped me in my business. >> what do you think people who watch the show are learning from watching you and your crew at work. things they can apply to their own homes? >> i think so. i think that people realize that it's very, very difficult. anyone that's been through the remodeling process knows the kind of -- the kind of issues that come up. and it really helps, i think, to, you know, hire good contractor. i think that those designers out there, you don't have to necessarily have to commit to a designer full time. even if you just want to consult someone for a few hours there's a lot of designers that will do that and guide you and save you money long term. >> we've got our own little question for you. design. be honest. >> be honest. >> two prints together on the couch. clashing? >> does this hurt your obsessive compulsive eye? >> i don't mind mixing patterns. there's a lot going on here. i think maybe if you lost the yellow sweater maybe it would work. >> go better? >> this is that yellow sweater.
9:36 am
>> you look strong today. >> you didn't. >> you look great. >> i don't know if i should be offended by you and i don't. >> i'm not saying you don't have a good bra on. natalie has a good bra on. i know natalie. i can say that. >> we are. >> ever ask us do we coordinate our outfits? obviously not. >> obviously not. >> jeff lewis, thank you so much. >> i will tell everybody so you don't miss this season of "flipping out," it airs every tuesday night at 9:00, 8:00 central time on our cable sister station bravo. coming up next, how to get princess kate's looks right after this. can i have some ice cream, please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends
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9:39 am
this morning on today's style, a princess look that is priceless, from canada to california, the duchess of cambridge wowed onlookers with her stylish ensemble. you, too, can dress like kate. "today's" "us weekly" contributor is here. i think she made such a style statement. people are always just struck by the way she carries things. >> she's amazing. in almost two weeks it was pack about 40 outfits. we can all relate. many were designer. not too, too expensive. i'm wearing one of them they actually had in my closet. >> her favorite jeans. >> her favorite jeans on her trip. we all have one pair of jeans. she wore the same pair three days in a row. we love that about her. we all do that. and these shoes people are going wild for these shoes. these are boat shoes. $80. great.
9:40 am
shows you everybody can get her look, which i love. >> okay. let's show you some of the other things she wore. when she landed in ottawa, literally came off the plane and people were like, wow, wear that navy blue lace dress as we take a look at the video of her. and you see how gorgeous that is. let's take a look at our first model ashley in a dress that was inspired by kate. tell us what ashley is wearing. >> this one is about $2,000. canadian designer which is great that she wore a canadian designer. her whole look is about $3,000. this is already in stores. this is a dress you can find ironically by pippa. >> oh, my gosh. >> bloomingdale's for $258. look at the shoes by nine west. and then her full look, $3,000. the look for less, $356. >> adorable.
9:41 am
and you almost even look like kate middleton. gorgeous. thank you so much. ashley looks great. next, stunning look by kate middleton. she loved issa. and she wore that beautiful purple v-neck dress as she was also attending an event. and there you see her mixing with some fans. >> right. on july 1st, the evening celebration for canada day. issa dress, $443 with that broach which was the queen's. >> that's going to be hard to find. >> right. easily tens of thousand of dollars for her total look. but this is a dress that everybody can wear. sort of a night dress. a little more fun. it is a fashion junkie for $50. the clutch is mina and you can really take your grandmother's old broach and add it to a dress chp which is great. hers is easily tens of thousands of dollars. look for less, $227 head to toe. >> where did you find these kate middleton lookalikes, they look
9:42 am
great. >> everyone is wearing the ring, the engagement ring. >> including you. >> of course i'm wearing it. $50 at >> excellent. thanks so much. you look gorgeous. and we know the next style. princess diana was a big fan of catherine walker. and in her way of showing her respect as well on diana's 50th birthday we saw kate in that gray dress by catherine walker, as well, on july 2nd. >> charles and diana planned that tree in 1983. she always looks chic. very similar dress. this is by pippa again, available at booming dales. >> the designer picked the right flame. >> ironically, the right name. the shoes are stephen zappos. $118. the clutch just $10 at forever don 21. of course, her outfit, the look for more, thousands of dollars. for this look, $278. >> amazing.
9:43 am
that dress looks aer dorable on you. >> great for anything. looks great. >> thank you, tanya. >> and then finally, the duchess of cambridge also looked stunning when she landed on prince edward island for a little downtime. she was wearing that off white sleeveless joseph dress there. you were able to find something very similar. let's show you. come on out. >> kate's just $425. isn't it adorable when you see what celebrities wear when they go out? >> yeah. you can't find any of her out t outfits right now because everything is on a wait list. these are other great options. from asos, 56. the clutch, $52 from i think this is beautiful look. >> gorgeous. >> for the summer. you can dress it up, dress it down. so kate's look is $1,000. full look, $182. a lot of the jewelry just great,
9:44 am
celebrity and kate-inspired look. >> i love asos. that website is great with their look for a lot less. they do a lot of other dresses as well. very nice. come on out, ladies. you look gorgeous. great job, jill. i know you are feeling the voice. take care. all right. jill martin, thanks as always. ladies, thank you. for more on kate's fashions pick up "us weekly." coming up next, we're going to head down home with the neelys, southern favorites, shrimp and grits, right after this. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family?
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9:47 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, two hot chef, pat and gina neely, the memphis neely's restaurant. and here in new york they have neely's barbecue parlor. i like the sound of that. making spicy shrimp and grits today. nice for having you. let's start the with shrimp. my question to you, pat, what tape of shrimp are we using? >> big old jumbo shrimp. we've already peeled and deveined them. we're going right over to a hot pot. it's hot. we start them with a low oil. and we just want to saute them and work them around. shrimp, it doesn't take long at all because they will become a bright pink color. once that happens, then we're
9:48 am
ready to start adding our other ingredients. >> wait until they get good and pink and add the other stuff we have here whrks is what? >> add a little salt and pepper on here. >> we've got tomatoes. we've got some ham. we've got some shallots. we've got garlic. we've got lemon juice. we've got hot sauce. you missed it last night, honey. >> why? >> we partied. we came to the big apple and we partied. >> oh, no. is this like hangover food right here? >> definitely hangover food. >> we had a grand opening at our restaurant last night. and, of course, we're opening neely's barbecue parlor, our first in manhattan. at first and 62nd street. the crowd was crazy. it was a big, big time. >> i'm sure you had stuff like this on the menu. do we add these ingredients, one by one or how? >> what we're doing right now is i'm going give these a quick flip. >> i've already made the grits. stone ground grits.
9:49 am
milk, water, butter in it. >> usually it's cooking grits. >> quick cooking grits. >> where do you get those? >> basic local grocer. >> not instant grits. >> not instant. >> no. >> oh, no, no, no. >> you want something hearty to hold on to it. >> while we're doing the shrimp over here, what is the basic recipe for the grits? >> on the grits you just addmil. it makes this thick texture you want. >> for how long, half hour? >> no, no, no, these are quick cooking grits. a minute and a half. >> you said no instant. >> not an hour and a half. they won't be grits by then. >> meanwhile in the shrimp department? >> added in our shallots and our garlic. and now i'm adding in some ham. >> okay. >> and we just want to -- >> i think of ham is like two syllabl syllables. it's a southern thing. >> girl, get ready.
9:50 am
>> the spicy, cajun ham will bring it out. >> the neelys are here. they're here in new york. >> i don't know if new york is ready for the neelys. >> they're ready. >> they are. >> they showed it last night. >> how long have you guys been cooking together? >> oh, gosh. >> forever. >> we were high school sweethearts but we've been cooking together, married for 16 years. kind of just doing it. we have two daughters. we just always hang out at the island and cook and talk about our day and hang out with the girls. it's a lot of fun. >> so now i'm adding some worcestershire sauce. a little hot sauce and lemon juice. then we add our tomatoes. >> i'm going to put herbs right on top. >> we've got to season it. >> i want to get to -- you cooked us up right here. >> i'm going to let this cook for another three to four minutes and it will come to a nice serve. >> you have your grits and put them on and the shrimp over here. let's show that step real quick.
9:51 am
>> all right. gina is going to put the grits on. >> if i can move everything around. >> okay. >> and attend, you see the nice sauce? >> we do. >> it's just -- they turn out perfectly. this is going to be one of our staples on our menu. >> okay. all right. >> so we throw these right on. >> you've got to get to the back or we aren't going to get to see these things. out of time. grits back here. >> we can't be out of time. >> neely's. >> grits, beer can chicken which is on. >> isn't that incredible? >> amazing. baked beans? >> pinto beans. >> okay. okay. >> and we use the brisket and, of course, mac and cheese. >> looking great. >> mud pooi. >> mud pie. >> okay. >> we got so have something sweet. >> pat and gina neely, thank you so much. the neely's barbecue parlor, check it out. we'll be back in a moment, but this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
♪ you no know any chance we get to show you these videos again, we're slowing them. no stranger. online trend to posting videos from "i've got a feeling" to our "don't stop believing" farewell tribute to meredith last month. >> a retirement community is giving us a run for our money. they've got their own look for this trend. take a look. ♪
9:55 am
♪ >> the clark retirement community in east grand rapids. and as you can see, they're poking fun at the stereotypes of aging and having a good time. >> $2500, i hope they left
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:56 on this wednesday, july 13th. i'm aaron gilchrist. our headlines today, one of the men arrested during a protest calling for d.c. statehood will have his day in court. keith silver, the award six neighborhood advisory commissioner is accused of disorderly conduct and blocking passage for his demonstrations during the april 2nd protest. today is the second day of a bridal boutique in prince gorgeous county where they're giving away free bridal dresses. this is for soon to be military brides and those marrying service men. let's take a look at the weather. >> we've got sunshine, high clouds coming in in vance of a cool front arriving later. already we're heating up. later today, into the mid 90s. but then the possibility of a passing thunder shower this afternoon or this evening. after that, lower humidity and
9:58 am
cooler weather for thursday, friday and saturday. 60s in the morning. 80s in the afternoon. then for sunday, monday, tuesday, we'll see some of the humidity returning and heating up a bit, too. danella, how is traffic? >> if you're traveling 95 south, making your way out of baltimore, you'll see delays traveling at laurel. if you're continuing on to the beltway, the outer loop, see delays as you pass 95 and head towards georgia avenue. we're going to give you a live look right now at new hampshire avenue. definitely top and go on the outer loop of the beltway. coming up on news4 midday, captions paid for by
9:59 am
10:00 am
nbc-universal television from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. it's wines day wednesday, it's july 13th and we are one day ay from our big trip to montreal, canada. you've never been, right? >> i'm really, really looking forward to it. it's cobblestone streets, very parisian. >> you feel like you're in europe. some people speak french. it's lovely and the people are so nice there. >> we came up the best ten reasons for us to go to canada. >> number ten! >> we can speak the language for the most part.
10:01 am
that's you. >> you don't have to fly to get there. >> yes! >> i put mine in my bag, by the way. >> number eight, the hockey players. upon. >> enough said. number seven. >> birthplace of pam anderson and justin bieber whom we never hope to get married and have children. >> and michael buble. shania twain. >> number six, canadian beer. >> number five, it was the home of a bear cub by the name of winnipeg which was the inspiration for winnie the pooh upon. >> and number four, cirque du soleil began there and they'll perform for us. >> and we'll eat something called pauline. >> poulin. >> p-o-u-l-i-n-e.
10:02 am
>> pouline. >> it has cheese kurds. >> listen to this. crank it a little please. >> you know who that is? >> the bear naked ladies. >> they're not going to be naked. >> the number one reason to visit canada. we can have a -- >> live audience! we are so excited. >> oh, canada, we like it. >> we hope there is more than ten of you. please don't embarrass us. >> don't leave us alone. >> bring your mother, bring your aunt, not your crazy aunt, the other one. >> your crazy aunts are doing the show. >> that's right. >> there's a great piece of advice out there and we like to be on the cutting edge of these things. this one has 600,000 hits. it is a break dancer of sort. he's a guy that looks like he's all cartilage. it's almost like no bones.
10:03 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he's so muscular to be so -- wow! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he's going to crack some moves in a minute. i'm sure it's about to happen at any minute. >> is he alone in there? >> i like the apartment. okay, mr. barelino. >> yeah, do it. >> okay! >> you know what? he should be against a complete white background. apparently it's a lot more fantastic than it looked like us to. >> the good parts are still to come. >> 600,000 hits. all right. pooper snoopers, there is a rental building because a lot of people's dogs were relieving themselves -- number two, in people's lawns and nobody would take ownership as to who was
10:04 am
doing the dirty deed. >> whose dog? >> whose pooch's poop it was. >> and what they did in this condo complex is they're taking the dna when you move in of your dog's stuff, yes, and they are keeping it on file. they call it a pooh pooh print. so they swipe your dog. they have the info stored away, and i guess when there's something left behind someone -- >> someone goes and gets it and sends it to a lab and has it tested? isn't this an enormous amount of effort and maybe financial commitment to this? >> why not have cameras and spy on people? >> yeah, like the rest of america does. >> that seems like a lot of time and money. >> no, but that is rude, though, not to pick up after your dog. >> we're talking about pet peeves. the things that bother you about your flashs and we have a segment about this on our show and there are some of the top things that bother the people the most about it.
10:05 am
i think for a lot of people sometimes it's noise, it's basic stuff, isn't it? like you just hear a lot of kids screaming. >> we have someone in the neighborhood that just can't stand blowers. there's one day for the entire neighborhood to get their leaves blown or the debris blown. the problem is their home is on a small lot and other people in the neighborhoods have much bigger homes or bigger acreage, you know? so it can't be done in one day. >> i think people don't like lawns that look unkept. like -- you know the people that never mow their lawn and it just looks gross and the whole neighborhood. >> how about stuff in the yard that nobody ever uses. just all kinds of stuff. >> junk. >> junk, and it's left all year round and if they don't use it in the summertime, they're not going to use it in the wintertime and it's not -- it's unsightly. >> would you ever say something to your neighbor or would you leave a note? >> i obviously haven't. >> i wouldn't either. >> i think people have the right
10:06 am
to live their own lives in their own yards in their own homes and you have the right to live your own way, too. one thing that is wrong and affects everybody. the other night, and i guess we were traveling or something and i finally got into bed at midnight and all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom, boom. and that was somebody having a party in the neighborhood and it was until 1:00 in the morning, just the music. >> that's not great. >> now when they call police you don't get a person on the other end. you get an announcement. if this is an emergency call 911. >> and it's not. >> i don't want to tie up the 911 line. >> it's not an emergency so you can't. >> and i love adele, but they kept playing adele over and over again. the other night, it was a mile away for the bruce park museum.
10:07 am
>> is this adele? i wouldn't mind this at all. >> you would mind it at 1:00 in the morning. >> no. >> you would. >> there is something with music and match making, if you are listening to adele you are more likely to get matched up with an adult-minded person. >> let's hear some metallica. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i could never get on this. i love all kinds of music. i just couldn't get on it. i tried. no, i tried. oh, my god! come o let's say happy birthday. >> mondavi. 150 years old and we're forgetting to wish mondavi a happy birthday. the good news about mondavi and everyone else that makes red wine.
10:08 am
apparently, everybody, this is -- >> red wine is supposed to be on. >> exercise. >> in a glass. >> or a bottle. >> they fed red wine to rats and they found their body mass, they stayed strong. they didn't lose weight, but they stayed strong and the good cholesterol is maintained without risking a mouse finger they stayed the same, right? >> uh-huh. yes, and it helps with bone density. and insulin resistance. >> anything else? >> it's working. >> i don't know. >> it's good for your heart. but not that fast. >> so good. real quick, jet bag, if you want to pack your wine in your checked luggage. >> and who doesn't! >> just slide it in the jet bag. joe, get over here, baby. >> it's like an insulated thing. >> apparently, you can toss that baby. ooh! let's try it again. >> you can toss that baby.
10:09 am
>> camera one, ow! >> wine -- >> sorry, joe. one more time, joe -- there you go. >> that's how the pros do it. >> thank you, joe. >> i don't know what was going on there. still to come, we'll tell you the most common makeup mistakes. this is important, too much mascara, a lot of stuff and we'll tell you how to avoid it. >> two lucky ladies for the ambush makeover. >> right after this. ♪ ♪ a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? i grew up wearing lots of hand-me-downs. bell bottoms in the '80s? not pretty. then she found them. she loved them, so i washed them in tide with downy and they're still soft and fresh. right? i'm blogging. really. i'm talking. that's my tide. what's yours?
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10:11 am
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10:12 am
♪ ♪ time for a special installment of today's "plaza ambush makeovers" where we surprise two unsuspecting ladies on the plaza with a brand new look. >> we're doing it today because it's friday and we're in montreal, and we'll introduce our crack makeover team. we have to point out something cruel that you did moments ago. i feel terrible. just a few moments ago -- she threw the wine. >> oh! oh! and i thought -- wait! i'm not frank gifford. i didn't think i was throwing it hard. >> a bottle of wine in a padded envelope. >> oh, my gosh, i killed the man. >> i thought it was a barf bag. >> joe, i am -- you know what you do to a boo-boo. you kiss it upon. get involved. >> oh, boy.
10:13 am
>> i can't wash this anymore. >> and i don't shave my chest. >> hoda says you do. >> look at his chest. that's shaved or waxed. >> oh, joe. i am so sorry. >> can you get some ice for his bulging pecs? >> i am so sorry. louis lacary. >> i went out there and jill went out there and i saw two lady, if i could color their hair i would. so we did. >> nobody does it better. >> bernice wilson is the lucky lady. she's 50 years old today. she recently lost a lot of weight and she was eager to get a new look and to get on with a new chapter, with new hair, new body. let's listen to her story. >> well, happy 50th. we are so happy we could give you this gift. youal read vet glasses going and tell me why your sister deserves
10:14 am
this. >> i am so happy my sister got chosen for this makeover. she's a hard-working mom and doesn't always have time for herself and she recently lost 25 pounds for this milestone. >> we are ready to give you a fab birthday look. are you excited. >> i am. >> her husband and her sister, keep your blindfolds on. here is bernice's before picture on her birthday. let's see the new bern ease. oh! >> all right. are you ready, doris? are you ready, steve? take off your blindfold. >> wow! my gosh! >> birthday girl, are you ready? >> spin around. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> you look gorgeous! you look absolutely gorgeous.
10:15 am
>> wow! >> louis, tell us, tell us, tell us! >> obviously, she made her hair very blond and it was just crying for depth and i made her deeper and leaving many, many highlights so she has the original brightness and then jennifer lawrence. her hair was just long, no shape. she gave her layers which gave her -- it's sexy, professional and hot. >> what are we thinking? >> i couldn't imagine a better way for our sift tore spend her birthday. >> you look great. >> that dress is sexy. she didn't have a little black dress since losing 25 pounds and had no idea what size she is. upon this is max mara. look at these shoes. maria sharapova for macy's. >> look at your pedi. with your blue pedi. why don't you go join your brother and sister. >> happy birthday! >> our second lady. you're not going to believe this, she is from montreal,
10:16 am
canada. we did not than when we picked her up or out. she is 45 years old. she's had the same look for as long as she can remember so she was thrilled with the opportunity to update her look. let's listen to her story. >> kathie lee and hold ar headed your way, but today it is all about you. melissa and emily tell me why she deserves this. >> in the morning she never has time to put makeup on and i think it would be a nice treat for her. >> what do you think? >> think she deserves the time to pamper herself. >> that must be so nice to hear from your daughters. it is. it is. i've had the same hairstyle now for so many years and a change would be nice. >> are you red for a new wife? >> absolutely. >> are you ready to go? >> i am. i am. let's do it. >> robert said that in a disturbing manner. >> vanes a emily and robert are waiting. let's take one last look at the
10:17 am
new rochelle. >> wow! oh, beautiful! that's smashing. >> all right. blindfolds off. >> whoa! oh, wow! robert liky what he sees. >> i do. >> you want to turn around and see yourself? >> yes. >> oh, my god. wow! >> that is such a sex haircut. >> yeah. >> it looks flirty. >> turn around and face this way. see the difference right there. we can see it. >> rochelle had the most beautiful eyes on the planet and the hair which was overhighlighted, ashy and a little bit frosty was draining the color from her face. i made her hair her original rich, warm, eye color and put more eyeliner on the side of the eyes to lift them up and with the great hair color and the layers are short on top so she
10:18 am
brought the whole thing up. >> that -- >> she has a wild side if you check out blue nail polish as well. >> between her nails and -- ottos. wow! >> we thought this would be appropriate. >> this outfit feels like her. a big round of applause for both ladies. >> happy birthday, bernice. >> all right. okay, up next, i wish i could see it. >> refreshing your beauty routine. we'll correct the common makeup mistakes. >> right after this. if i could have seen it. but, like my sisters... [ sighs ] ...i can't describe them. we need dairies because they produce milk and butter and all of that stuff we use daily. when my dad gets older, run his dairy. i wanted to do that! [ chuckles ] [ female announcer ] meet the families behind real california dairy at
10:19 am
♪ [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend.
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10:21 am
release the magic. sc johnson, a family company. we're back with "today's beauty," from conceal toer to mangled mascara. >> here to give us the secrets to get us back on track is beauty editor at "prevention" magazine. >> after all this time we still make mistakes. >> yes. especially in the summer months. it's hot out and you cake on mascara and put too much lip gloss on. >> let's talk about concealer. too much caked on concealer. >> this is cheryl and so she uses concealer like a lot of women. they have the same concealer for everything, to cover pimples, to cover blemishes and under the eyes. >> yes, i see the arrows.
10:22 am
they can settle into the fine lines and make you look older. >> show us the after. >> what you want to use is use a creamier concealer instead of the ones in the pot. they tend to be thicker. >> use a creamy one, not a powder? >> not a creamy concealer. this makeup forever has 14 shades. they a lot of women put on too much, and they just dab under the eyes and pat, pat, pat it in. don't wipe it. that just wipes off the makeup and then there's nothing left. >> pat, pat, pat, you in a minute. >> this is a before picture. red lips. some people love red lips. you have red lips on and they look great. >> the thing is if you do red and gloss then you have a lot going on. >> and the older you get, i think -- >> it tends to settle in the fine lines. their show us lisa -- see how pretty that is?
10:23 am
it's much softer. we treated the red with a gloss for a rosy gloss balm hybrid. it has spf-15 for the summer. >> even your lips need that. >> absolutely. it has shine, but not like the mirrorlike, tacky finish that has too much going on. >> you don't want to draw attention to just one thing because red lip, that's all you see. >> yeah. especially if -- it's much more youthful. >> you're right. >> our next issue that we have is runny mascara and let's like at mary lee before. that happens to me all of the time, but should you just get waterproof? is that the way to go? >> my thing about waterproof is it's a thicker formula and you load it on the lashes and it starts to drag down in the outer corners. we took an eye liner and wiggled in between the lashes to define the lash line naturally. so that gives you definition. and we have the mascara that is
10:24 am
lengthening and darkening and creates tubes on your lashes. >> mally likes that. >> it's a much more youthful look. >> lastly, let's take a look at mary beth's before picture and tell us what she's doing wrong here. >> mary beth is doing what a lot of women do, they take the rhodeses, the bricky, and we wanted to show her that a bright blush isn't scary. >> i'm afraid of them. >> that looks great. >> it's very creamy and melts away, right? >> it's a cream blush. a lot of women take it in the hollow of the cheek, back and forth. we just dabbed it. >> next up, how to love your neighbor. so it lasts! rich color that's fadeproof, waterproof, totally ignore-proof! oh yes! with new intense shadowblast eye couture is ready to wear for hours!
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10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
and welcome back to "today." in the sluggish economy we hear a lot about numbers and less about the people behind those numbers. >> so our own sarah haynes heard about a family in north carolina that was committed to finding ways to give back to their community and found that the best way is a birthday. >> chet me horn is 7. she is the big girl in the family of five. every morning helping her mom and her brothers get ready for school. >> thank you. >> a common scene played out in most american cities. except for one thing. they are homeless. the homeless population in charlotte, north carolina is growing at an alarming rate, spiking up 22% in 2009.
10:31 am
lawanda and her children are the faces of this growing national dilemma. >> according to the national center for family homelessness, in the u.s. one in 50 children have experienced homelessness. over 1.5 million children. lawanda and her family came here one year ago for this family for working families, located in the shadows of the charlotte, north carolina sky line, but the numbers don't reveal the reality of a young mother and her four children on their own and without a home. >> you have to, you know, make sacrifices or whatever for them. i'm in school so i have to juggle getting my kids red for day care, getting them ready for school, come back, cook, clean, do homework and make sure everybody is prepared for the next day. so it can be a struggle. >> a daily struggle. lawanda is like many mothers who want the best for their kids.
10:32 am
a warm bed, good education and cherished family memories. >> i want them to be stable. i don't want them to ever have to experience being in a shelter with their kids because my twins had their first birthday in a shelter and that was heartbreaking for me. >> an annual ritual for most, but for lawanda and her children, just another day of making ends meet. >> when we came here we had nothing. we didn't have anything and my son's birthday was coming up, and i wanted it to be better than it was the last year, and i didn't have money to buy a $5 toy from the food line. >> this was the inspiration that amy servantes and her husband john. >> we love birthdays and it's your day and we want to celebrate that day. we were sort of thinking what about homeless kids on their
10:33 am
birthday. what do they do? >> that's when bright blessings was born, a non-profit organization providing support for homeless children and their families and adding joy and recognition on a child's special day, and in just three years, the need for bright blessings has grown. >> it's grown a lot very quickly. we have grown to serve four counties in the greater charlotte area. this year we'll serve about 3,000 homeless children and babies. >> serving through giving vital needs for infants entering homelessness. and on this day, a birthday party. >> and without volunteers like bronwin presley, none of this would be possible. >> who doesn't love a birthday? you know? everyone gets excited when it's their birthday. it's an hour and a half, two hours of laughter and hugs and a lot of fun. >> it warmed my heart that there were people out here in the
10:34 am
world that were caring enough to come here to us and just want to make our kids happy on their birthday, and for little chutney. >> do you have a favorite song? >> uh-huh. >> go ahead, let's sing. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> that's so great. lawanda horn and her four kids are doing well. little chutney made the honor roll at school. >> we are told by bright blessings that lawanda is on a productive path toward hoidzing. >> click on heard it on today's talk. >> sweet. >> i know, i love that story. >> can't we all just get along? >> we can, hoda, if we just try. >> you know when you're tangling with your neighbors, we'll help you with all that after these messages. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing...
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10:38 am
do you love your neighbor as you love yourself? and what do they really think about you? from out-of-control kids to messy backyards, we have the dos and don'ts to even the most delicate of situations. >> and he is the author of "i'm with fatty." and wend set wife of one of our nbc ed snoorps there's an interesting survey that says 08% of us think we're great neighbors while 59% people don't rank theirs that way. >> my wife thinks her pasta
10:39 am
sauce matches my mother's. >> you're losing already! >> so why the disconnect there, though? >> 30% of people think that they are less annoying than they are apparently. >> well, there are certain things that really annoy people, but also a lot of people live in kind of close quarters. if you're in an apartment dweller, you have to worry about what's going on in the wall right next to you. i know. >> tell me about it. >> it's hard to know what to do even if there is something going on. >> is there a nice way to approach a situation? say you have a noisy neighbor. >> the best way to approach is giving them information you didn't know. i'm sure you weren't aware, but your speakers are right on the floor and i can hear the noise right in my apartment underneath and if you put them on something you might have better acoustics in your own apartment. >> some people are note slipper unders. >> never good.
10:40 am
>> never good? >> once you move out to the suburbs things change, too and once you have kids. i used to be the noisy neighbor and now we put our kids to bed so early. the other day i yelled at the ice cream man for ringing his bell and wake up my kids. >> you yelled at the ice cream man? >> after i bought a couple of things. i thought it was fair that we did it, you know. >> to him he's just doing his job. he's not thinking there might be children asleep in this neighborhood. >> what are the most annoying things that people find? is it the loud kids? what is it? >> i think it's loud kids. i used to live across, when we bought our first house they kept all of their ac units out on their front porch all of the seasons except for the summer, and i think things like that, obviously the usual lawns and keeping debris outside and you don't know what to do. frankly it's hard to accuse a neighbor. >> it's their home and they have the right to live in their home. >> hey, i'm not sure if you're aware, of course, they know their ac units are in the front. >> noisy pets are a big one.
10:41 am
i would suggest a great dog walker that you know. maybe your friends have a great dog walker and pass the name and number along to your neighbors. >> it could be tricky because you have to live next to these people for a long, long time. >> most of them are very nice people. >> most people are nice or at least they think that they're nice and we all realize that we're probably annoying neighbors in some way that they don't realize. maybe they don't like the way we do some things in our house. >> we've got to get along. >> i think a lawn that's out of control is one of those things that they can't believe they can't notice like how bad it's gotten. the grass is that high and you feel it's not tended to. >> with the economy, a lot of people can't afford to keep their homes the way they would like to. >> i think there is a difference between that and -- >> i don't mean just mowing the long and dead plant, you can't afford to get rid of them and buy new plants to put in. it's tough times. >> ask to offer your assistance. >> let me know if you guys need some help. >> a good neighbor would do
10:42 am
that. especially if they have a snow blower and an ample supply of vodka they might return the favor in kind. >> one time -- we can't talk about t darn, and it was such a cute story. >> she would have gotten in trouble. >> up next, how to find the clothes that fit your body type best after this. [ elevator bell dings ] ugh, great. you may be going up, but those roots are bringing you down! no time, running to a meeting. tut, tut, tut. they can wait 10 minutes. whoa! try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. to extend the life of your color. what if it doesn't match? nuh uh uh. nice 'n easy has 50% more shades than anyone else. so you can find your seamless match. guaranteed! now go meet and greet! 'cause your roots are obsolete! more shades, seamless matches, with root touch-up by nice 'n easy. more shades, seamless matches, lights, camera, activia it's the best job in the world. to be there for them, you've gotta feel your best.
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it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. now you can switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year -- with no annual contract required. i always heard great things about fios, but the first time i saw the picture it was just like "wow." [ male announcer ] call now and we'll include over 60 premium channels, including showtime, starz, epix and more for 12 months. you just get so much more with fios. when i'm on the internet things download like -- shoo! just as quick as i'm snapping my fingers. it's just "bam." [ male announcer ] millions of families have switched to fios. now you can too for just $99.99 a month for a year and get over 60 premium channels for 12 months. i didn't realize how good fios was until i got it. when i got it it's just "wow." [ male announcer ] switch now and save. call 1-877-797-fios.
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that's 1-877-797-3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1-877-797-3467. at 1-800-974-6006 tty/v. [ mrs. connally ] you can't take my fios away. [ male announcer ] fios. a network ahead. now on "today's style" finding the clothes that fit you the best. >> whether you have a curvy figure our your body is straight up and down, finding clothes can be a challenge. here with tips as also is lori bergamoto. nice to see you. >> you've determined four different body types and the first type is called the dew drop. describe that body. >> lucky redid it and people know pear, big or the bottom,
10:47 am
small or top. we renamed it with dew drop. >> let's look at the dew drop picture. this is the wrong way to do it, i guess you could say. >> this is sarah. sarah does have the trim torso. she's full or the bottom and that wasn't the most flattering and let me show you what she's wearing now. here we go. here's miss sarah. doesn't she look great? if this is your body type you're looking for a hip-skimming silhouette and we achieved that with this skirt from h & m, $30. this top is from sears. it's creating more volume. you know how people don't like to wear horizontal stripes, they think it makes them look bigger. for this, it's good because you're looking for proportion and balance. >> that's what you're always looking for, proportion and balance. >> let's talk about the apple shape. this is lynette. >> apple slap is bigger through the middle and they usually have very trim legs and very trim
10:48 am
arms. >> let's see what you look like. >> here she is. yeah. yeah. >> she looks great in this dress. >> she can wear bright color beautifully. >> yeah. great. >> it's a mini trapeze dress and you want to highlight the trim parts of your booed pep it's really loose through the middle and that's what women who have this kind of shape to remember. you don't want anything too tight around the middle. just let it skim and be swing pep. >> the hour glass shape which we thought it was great. >> this is vicky's before. >> it is great to have these shapes and we're just showing you how to dress. >> she's in the peg leg denim that is not working for her. we don't see the thinnest part of her body. the reveal. >> come on out, girl, let's see what she's got. >> she belted it. >> and she knows it. >> that's the best styling secret so we gave her this dress from target. only $25.
10:49 am
>> $25. >> waist accentuating and we gave her that neon belt and not only did we give her a belt, we made it neon. that's from the gap, $20. you want to highlight that part of the body and show that off. >> the flute shape, straight up and down. this is joan's before picture. >> so here's joan. again, joan has the body that's straight up and down from the shoulders to the ankles. our goal here is to create curves, so, joan -- >> joan, come on out. >> oh, wow! ooh! >> isn't that beautiful? >> yeah. >> what we did her, we gave her the bow blouse and the extra fabric, that will give her the illusion of a bigger bust. we gave her the little belt around the middle with the jack fret h & m and that has a modified waist so it looks like she has curvy hips and a pair of pleated pants and those bright blue shoes. >> i love these looks.
10:50 am
>>y everything is under $100. so you can find the perfect outfit on the budget. >> draw attention to your best assets. >> coming up next, we will eat our way across america with a sampling of food festival favorite, but first, this is "today" on nbc. empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work.
10:51 am
point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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10:53 am
we're back in "today's kitchen" where we're getting a tour of fabulous foods -- food festivals around the country. >> here with a taste of america, is maggie murphy, editor of "parade" magazine. >> let's get started. >> shall we? >> what's going on with the drink? >> "parade" magazine did a big play on these. this is from chrisfield, maryland. >> chrisfield. >> it's the crab derby and this is the drink that won the appetizer. it is a bloody mary with crab
10:54 am
meat. >> of course, it is. >> delicious. >> this is very, very good. the best thing about the crab derby is that they have a crab race. the crabs race, the winner gets a reprieve and the losers end up in the pot boiled. >> that is horrible! >> that's the way it goes. >> that's a metaphor for life. >> it's a great festival. it happens labor day weekend. >> this is so for me. this is so for me. >> there you go. >> snap the head. and pinch the tail. >> and pinch the tail. >> oh, come on. >> this is shreveport, louisiana. the festival happens every memorial day weekend and you have to do plans to go next year. >> how do you not like craw fish? >> i do. >> i think i got the wrong end. the wrong end. >> all right. let's cleanse the palate a
10:55 am
little. >> groundhog. >> this is from west virginia. this is the west virginia road kill cookoff, and autumn harvest. >> what's in the sauce? >> the sauce would not make punxsutawney phil happy. it's groundhog. but this is pork tenderloin. >> joe! >> pork tenderloin. >> he's on the couch waiting. >> you can try a little? >> i can't. i refuse to eat groundhog. sorry. is it good? >> yes. >> it tastes like -- groundhog. >> bad stuff. >> this is somebody's balls. what is this? >> from west virginia. >> speaking of which. these are called mountain oysters by cowboys, but this is what turns the bull into -- >> into a -- >> yeah. >> so these are bull testicles. >> there's no way on god's green earth i am eating that. >> come on, come on, come on. you have to try a little. >> take a bite.
10:56 am
>> go in. >> you just go in. i almost tried that. >> so this is in veneta, oklahoma. >> it tastes -- you like it? >> i feel like wiping my tongue off. >> all right. we're going to move. so this is oklahoma -- i love oklahoma. hoda was born in oklahoma, but i'm sorry. bull balls is not my idea of a good time. >> west virginia and oklahoma, it is all me. >> food festivals is a great way to sample the local color. >> let's eat something sweet. >> this is down the line how could you not love fudge, mackinaw island. >> oh, mackinaw! >> it is beautiful there. >> the fudge is good there. you can have the brittle there. >> as you know, great island. amazing place to visit somewhere in time. >> it's beautiful. >> we have 15 seconds. what's that? >> this is persimmon festival.
10:57 am
it's a type of tomato, autumn trut. >> tomorrow we're headed to montreal for a couple of days of fun. cirque du soleil will perform and bare naked ladies.
10:58 am
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